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Yes, I am 20 years old and play Roblox, but I swear it wasn't a choice...

I used to play Roblox years ago, and then grew up. My niece who is 6 (and you can find her in my #NeiceLetsPlay youtube series) started playing it, and to ensure she was safe online, I started to play it with her. And not only can it be so much fun, it can be extra educational to those who wish to play games online as a starting point. Roblox is an online gaming server, which is a host to many types of games, including roleplays and fake remakes of real games. I have some personal favourites, and here they are! (In no particular order)

Fashion Famous is a dress up game, including a catwalk. Each level you are given a category, and then have to find clothes that may match that category to you. Afterwards you take part in a catwalk, which people then vote out of 5 stars how you did. At the end you get points and can level up until you're "Fashion Famous".

 The reason I enjoy this game, is mainly because, well it's not only really cute, but it's really good for finding things, which I think can be really stimulating for children, like a treasure hunt. Plus, children can learn about the different fashions out there, maybe even help develop their own style. The only downside is, there are some super cute items, and sometimes people vote for the more attractive looks, rather than those that match the categories (which can be super annoying!)

Now this is my niece's absolute favourite game. Royale High is a roleplay based game, featuring 3 games within it. The main one, being "Royale High". Within it, you can become a royal or magical student, and play your way through lessons. The aim of it is to roleplay, and many youtubers out there create their own stories using the game. The downside is, not everyone roleplays, but rather just plays with their friends, not acting like they're in a fantasy world, although it can be major awkward roleplaying. It has a super fun and social aspect, and it also has some educational aspects, such as spelling, typing and creating patterns, which for my niece is amazing, and she has learnt some big things from it!

Murdery Mystery 2 takes a different toll compared to the ones I've already shown. This is basically a version of "Wink Murderer" and "Cluedo". The basics of the game are someone is chosen as the murderer, and someone is chosen as the sherriff, the other players are called "Innocents" meaning they'll be killed or survive. The murderer must go around killing innocents, and try to kill the sherriff, without getting killed themselves. I really enjoy this game, because well it's super addicting and leaves you on edge! The downside being, some people who are the murderers or sherriffs, walk round with their weapons ready to kill, and it can take away the suspense of wondering who is who.

I actually don't know if Survivor is a real tv show or film, but this game is truly amazing. Survivor is what it says it is, a group of people trying to survive on the island. It is played out, like a reality tv show, where people are voted or booted off for things, and people must complete activities to stay on the island. It's not only super fun, but has many brain training games, which can be hard but also super cool to play! The negatives of it are that if you join a server when people are already playing, you have to wait till it's over, and it could be anything from 5 minutes to 3 hours, as the game has many twists and turns within it! The owners of this game ALSO have a version of Big Brother!

What Roblox is known for best, is Obbys. Obbys are super fun, and require patience and exuberance to get through them. Basically there are over 1000 levels, and you have to try and get through them. There could be jumping over things, jumping on top of things, avoiding certain items, super fast speed challenges and more to go through.

 The most I've ever exeeded is 100 levels I think? But it's great to play on your phone when out just to pass the time. I guess the only bad thing is, how annoying it is to lose? Or that it is a super long obby and you restart every time.

Do you play Roblox? Leave me a comment down below of your favourite games! I'm always looking for new games to play. And be sure to follow me on twitch and/or subscribe to my youtube to see me playing!

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Spoonie Perfect Apps!

Smartphones are essential today in society, and usually people choose apps that have an advantage in their life. But what about us spoonies? There are some fabulous apps out there for us and majority of us, never even knew! So here are our top spoonie style apps!
A app that gives you tools to address depression, anxiety and stress based on cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, relaxation and health. Voted the best app for anyone living with anxiety, whether that be diagnosed anxiety, general or health anxiety. It truly is an amazing app. Record how you’re feeling everyday, ranging from “Great” to “Awful” and include your detailed feelings (nauseous, fatigued, depressed, anxious). You can also record times, such as Menstrual Cycle, Time spent with Family, Friends, and then your weekly progress is emailed to you. It helps you keep track of yourself. You can also do daily activities, such as what you’re grateful for today, tips for those suffering with the same illness etc. And don’t forget the group chats! You can join all sorts of groups and discuss things in relation to how you’re feeling.
A group made specifically for teens and young adults.It focused on mental health as many of us spoonies have to deal with. You get your own little fury friends which you choose a the beginning. You document how you’re feeling everyday, get daily reminders when to take medication and can add information to it, such as an emergency contact and has loads of information on things beneficial to you! (For example; how to handle heat, talking to your doctor etc)
(Currently only available on Apple App Store) Similar to Pacifica, this group documents how you are but allows you to write full paragraphs. You can write them privately or share them with other people on the app. So for them days where you’re filled with emotion but have no one to speak to you, you can write it out on the app. Or have a good thought? Write it in the app, and when you have a down day you can go on and read it to remind you, there are good times. Another aspect of the app is “PenPals” you fill out a little bit about yourself, and what you’re looking for in a pen pal, and similarly to tinder, you swipe through people who would fit your type of pen pal, then you can discuss with them anything!
One of the most popular on the Apple App Store, involving relaxation techniques and meditation. It helps increase self awareness and reduces stress. It’s extremely helpful when you’re feeling down or extremely stressed and can help you feel like you’re in another world just for a little while.
Although many spoonies struggle walking distances or heading out, with the new release of Pokemon Go, anything can be possible when you’re distracted. However theres CharityMiles. It measures how much you’ve walked and donates money to your chosen charity! It still needs a few updates to include more charities, but think of how you could help invisible illness charities. You can also join teams and make it a group effort to raise money! So while walking 2k/5k to hatch them pokemon eggs you can make a difference to possible research!
Instant Heart Rate – Heart Rate Monitor
You’re probably wondering how does an app measure your heart rate? Well thankfully this app is known for being scarily closely accurate! You simply have your finger on your camera and measures the blood flow on the tip of your finger. It can be extremely helpful if you feel out of breath or as if you’re full of adrenaline, especially for those with POTS or heart problems!

Beauty Blogger Tag #Part2

Beauty Blogger Tag is a tag (or a few) made up of 15 questions that will make you think about different aspects of your life as a beauty blogger. This tag is great for beauty bloggers whos fans want to know more about their routines and their views on beauty, they may even get a few tips exploring new beauty brands along the way! So why not give the beauty blogger tag a go by yourself or with a friend!
Credit to: Youtube Society
1. What is the one product you could not go without?
Probably mascara! I like long eyelashes! Read my blog post on my favourite mascaras here.

2. Favourite Make Up Brand?
Oh there's so many! My number one is probably Revolution Beauty!
3. Who is your style inspiration?
I absolutely love Emmas Rectangle. Her style is my actual goals in life, but I could never pull it off! And her makeup skills are amazing!
4. Do you remember the first make up item you purchased?
The first ever makeup product I actually bought myself, was the MUA Starry Nights palette I believe? I actually can't remember that far back!

5.Who is your favorite beauty blogger or YouTuber?
6. What are your top 5 makeup brands?
Revolution Beauty, Colourpop, Rimmel, Benefit and MUA!
7. What is your top beauty tip?
You do NOT need primer. It can be a completely unnecessary step, especially Eye/Lip primers. A good moisturiser does the job! Just get some on your face every night before bed, and your skin is primed for the next day! Primer can be useful if you have dry skin like myself, but sometimes they dehydrate your face even more.
8. Why did you start blogging?
I enjoyed writing? I actually can't remember but I started off being an "Instagrammer". I loved taking pictures of makeup products, having a "cute" aesthetic, and one day just decided to set one up!

9. Random Fact About Yourself?
My favourite colour is yellow? (I don't know)
10. How much do you spend on beauty products every month?
I'd say it averages at around £30 a month maybe? I prefer drugstore to high end though!
11. Describe your dream make up haul!
Every single item from Revolution Beauty and/or Colourpop. Even if I have them already.
12. How often do you wash your make up brushes?
Not enough I guess? I'd say twice every 2 weeks? If I remember!
13. If you could only choose to do one before leaving the house, would you do your hair or your makeup?
Hair. My hair is so thick and I have bed head everyday. I couldn't walk out the house with bed head.
14. 5 Beauty Products you couldn’t live without?
Makeup Obsession Brow Pomade, Benefit Bad Girl Bang Mascara, Colourpop Lunch Money highlighter and Revolution Pro Concealer.

15. What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?
Do it because you love it, not to become the "best of the best". Write what you love, go outside of the beauty genre if you want to. Get outside the box! Oh, and also schedule posts when you're motivated. Blogging can sometimes be so demotivating and sometimes you'll get spurts of motivation. Use it to your advantage!

YOU HAVE 5 LAYERS OF MASCARA!? - My current favourite Mascaras.

Back in high school, my main part of the makeup I wore everyday, was mascara. I didn't wear foundation, concealer, just a heap tons of mascara. Why? I have long eyelashes, and wanted to extenuate them even more! Your eyelashes can make or break a look. I find, that unless I'm wearing fake eyelashes, my eyeshadow looks awful. Mainly because I'm terrible at eyeshadow and eyelashes hide the flaws, but it just pieces everything together. But fake eyelashes can also be a massive pain, which is why I just put several layers of mascara on. And here are my top 5 that I use with my everyday makeup look!

Clinique is one of my go to brands, but mainly for skincare. However, their mascaras have never failed me. Their brushes are always small, and can easily grip the lashes. I prefer this mascara for the bottom lashes, to give them more length and seperate them. It also allows me to lift my lashes before going in with a heavier mascara, or without using a eyelash curler. This retails for £20.50, which makes it on the more expensive side, but if you want a lifting long wearing mascara, this is perfect! And lasts too!

Now if you know me, you know my go to brand for anything and everything is Makeup Revolution. This mascara is a MUST have if you like thick and volumised eyelashes. Not only is it the blackest of black mascaras I have ever used, it intensifies my lashes to the fullest. The only downside is, the thickness of the brush. The brush is quite big, and the fibers do not latch onto the eyelashes as much, which can cause clumps and "spider" like eyelashes. But doing it slowly and smoothly, can definitely help prevent that.

3. Bad Girl Bang Mascara - Benefit

This mascara was something I thought I'd never purchase. Benefit has never been appealing to me. I tried the liquid highlighter "High Beam" and it was...okay, but it made me think Benefit was seriously overrated. Then I decided to give Benefit a go, and ordered some minis, just in case I didn't like the full size product. At first the product was very wet, and I didn't like it at all. I thought "oh here we go, a waste of money" again. Then I went to Ireland and forgot it was the only mascara in my bag! I decided I would buy another when I was in Ireland but until I could get to the shops, I would use this one. In the end, I love it! It picks up every single lash and separates them, while curling and defining them! I think it starts off wet when you first use it, but after a few uses I started loving it! I can even wear it on it's own for a simple natural "long lash" look! And I will definitely be purchasing the full sized product!

4. Roller Lash - Benefit

Another thing I received from Benefit, was the Roller Lash mascara. I got this in a gift set that was 70% off, and it is full sized. This is another "cult" product, that I thought I would never try, but I've got to say it's pretty good. This along with the Bad Girl BANG, I can wear on it's own. 

Although this is not as black, and not as thickening, it lifts my eyelashes to their full potential. It is definitely a natural use mascara.

5. Wonderfully Real Mascara - Rimmel

Last but not least we have the Wonderfully Real mascara by Rimmel! Now, I got this in a "Spend over ___ and get a free mascara" offer in Superdrug, and only heard terrible things about it. But I actually really like this mascara! The brush is great, the fibers are okay! And it's got a good curl in it! The only downside is the amount of product is very sparce on the brush, so it takes a few layers (when on it's own) to get some progress!

What are some of your favourite mascaras? And do you layer them on top of eachother like I do? What do you think?


After a discussion with admins over at AC Addicts, it got me thinking...what hashtags are the most used on Instagram? And what ones do I think gain me the best engagement? Now these hashtags are the best ones in relation to Instagram! But I'm sure they crossover onto Tumblr or Twitter too!

Instagram Limit; Yes! Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags per post. I'm guessing this is to stop spam accounts or useless hashtagging. Although it doesn't stop people from using the hashtag "animalcrossing" for their pets. But hey ho!

As you can see via the picture above, these are the hashtags I currently use. Over the period of using all these hashtags, I have gained over 200 followers. Is this related to content or my hashtags? Well even with over 5k followers, it's hard to keep engagement. Back in 2015, my posts would go over 100 likes within minutes, whereas now it's a lot slower, noticing a rise in the past couple of weeks. So here's the down low on a few of the popular hashtags, and why you should use them! And if you do use them, how to utilize them!

1. Always make sure your hashtags are in relation to your niche or the specific picture. I remember starting my account and using hashtags that had nothing to do with the pictures I was taking! And I even got told off for it by other instagrammers. Of course, this doesn't mean you can't use similar hashtags, it just makes sure they relate to your whole account! For example; If your main posts are New Leaf, don't go using Pocket Camp hashtags. It can be annoying for those looking for pocket camp pictures. And it works vice versa. It's like if you had a cat, and used a dog hashtag. They're both animals but if you were looking through a dog hashtag and saw a cat, you'd be a little upset right? 

2. Keep to a theme in a row. You want your account to look nice and appealing to your followers, so your engagement can go up. Instagram works in having a 3 row system. So if you're going for a theme, make sure the theme is next to eachother. For example; many of us have multiple towns. If you are going to do a theme using multiple towns, use a system that matches and correlates. To some of you, this may seem a bit controlling or having a perfectionist outlook. But if you want to build your instagram portfolio, you need to appeal to your audience.

Here are a few examples (say you have 3 towns you'd like to show off);

1. 1st town, 2nd town, 3rd town (and repeat)
2. 1st town x3, 2nd town x3, 3rd town x3
4. 1st town x6, 2nd town x6, 3rd town x6.
5. 1st town, 2nd town, 1st town, 3rd town, 1st town, 3rd town.

And so on!

3. Posting times! There are specific times where your content will get the most engagement. And things you can do to help that. The first thing is Instagram stories, utilize them! They're not like posts where they can constantly update every time, they stay at the top, and play straight after one another. Every time you make a new post, screenshot it and add it to your Instagram story!

It allows the instagram algorithm to get lost! And followers then know you've at least posted!

The next thing is when to actually post. Of course, you may have a variety of different followers in a different timezone. This is why insights is helpful (have a little play with Instagram.) See my photo below!

My followers are mostly from the United States or the UK. This is extremely helpful to help utilize when the best time to post is. Most people check Instagram on their lunch break, or after work (4pm-5pm). It's also helpful to look at your demographic (many of my followers are teenagers, so will most likely see around 4pm). Then there's just after your tea/dinner (7/8pm). These are the best times to post. So for me, being the UK I would usually post around 8pm. As that's when I'm sitting down to edit my photos and getting them in the best quality. If we look at that specific time, in the USA that's around 3pm or 10am, which may not be the best time to post (that's why Instagram stories are important!). However, if I am managing to be awake or have an Instagram scheduling app, the best time for me to post would be around 1am/2am. That way I'm either catching those having their lunch, or are just settling for the night scrolling through their phone! Piece of cake.

Now, let's get onto the best hashtags. I have found these hashtags to not only be the most used, but the most active people will scroll through and just spam like. All of these are in relation to my pictures.

#animalcrossing #helphomelessbutterflies#acnltown#animalcrossingnewleafwelcomeamiibo#welcomeamiibo#animalcrossingcommunity#animalcrossingnewleaf #nintendo#newleaf #acnewleaf #nintendolife#byebyevillager #acnl #acnlmayor#animalcrossingfandom #とびだせどうぶつの森 #dobutsunomori #任天堂 #happyacplayers #animalforest #ninstagram#acnlcommunity #🆕🍃 #😊🏡🔨 #どう森  #どうぶつの森

Pocket Camp:

#ポケットキャンプ #animalcrossingpocketcamp #pocketcamp #acpc #acpocketcamp #포켓 캠프

Happy Home Designer:
 #happyhomedesigner #ハッピーホームデザイナー #achhd #animalcrossinghappyhomedesigner #hhd


#acnlcommunity #acnlfamily #acfandom #animalcrossingnewleaffandom #nintendofandom #forestlife