5 Top Tips for starting College!

* for non-uk residents, college is for ages 16-19, it is just before University. 

So i was asked on my contact box, to do a tips post! As a current year 13 in college, I consider myself pretty organised compared to my first year! So i decided to do a blog post on how to prepare or what to do to be organised for college.

1. Multi-buy Stationary!

Whether you need it or not, buy a lot of stationary. And stationary does not have to be costly. As a fellow stationary hoarder, I am also a good bargainer [as people may know from my last shopping posts]

Need pens? Visit B&M, they sell pens in sets for only 99p, or just head to good old fashioned poundland. They sell basic pens for only £1 yet will still get a good use of them.

Need notebooks?
I personally, use B&M or Wilkinsons. Wilkinsons usually have great offers on refill pads, and some can be really really pretty!


2. Prepare for exams as soon as. 

You know with GCSEs, did you even think to revise more than 3/4 months before? No? GCSEs do not compare to A-Levels at all. They are not something you can revise for, even a month before. From personal experience, I revised atleast a month before, however felt so secure with my AS grades until I actually saw them. I am now resitting two exams. This does not put me down however. All I would say, is that you try from the minute you step through that door. Make mindmaps, after a lesson of the main detail of the notes you made. Ask the teacher for cut up paper to make flash cards{there is also a flash card app}, Buy a planner/ use your phone calender, and make sure you add homework deadlines, coursework deadlines, appointments, holidays and exam dates. {if you want to make it pretty, just go on ebay and type in "planner stickers" trust me, its worth it!}

3. Make sure you are choosing the right college for you.

In my area, there are alot of different colleges, some dedicated to just A-levels, some dedicated to BTECS, there are even ones that have a university programme attached to them. I chose a college that offered A-Levels, as I want to be a teacher, and yes I may have thought I made a mistake at the beginning or when I get my results, but in the end A-Levels are something I want. Also remember, if you do realise a college isnt for you, realise that it is hard to start somewhere else, so be prepared to enter a new environment. It is true when people smell fear, and if youre confident to leave one place, be confident to enter a new one!

4.  In classes, you arent there for a good social life, you are there to work.

Yes it is good to have atleast one friend in every class, but remember you are there to learn and get a certificate at the end of it. What you did last night is not what you are there for. That is for free time/out of college. It is good to be social, and work with others, there are always pros, but sometimes try to include the work. Such as, putting the homework into your phone calender, not always getting drunk of a Saturday, and finishing that 500 word essay thats due Monday, instead of rushing it on the Sunday. Once work is complete, then go out. Also remember, in class you are not the only person there, there is the teacher and pupils around you. Some may work individually, and always be respectful of others around you. As for teachers, they may say they love their job, but I'm sure like you, they would rather be somewhere else, especially in the summer time! So be respectful that theyre helping you, better yourself in life and try to encourage yourself not to fall asleep and enjoy your learning.

5. It is your responsibility to catch up.

If you are off ill, it is understandable that you dont do work that youve missed {to a certain extent of illness} but once you are back in, there are no excuses for not being in, when homework is set. Once you return to college, or feel better but are told to stay off, get in contact with your teachers (via email if it is available to you, as it is in my college) or phone the college, and asked if work can be passed along to you so you can catch up, once you return, maybe get help from your teachers. The worst thing, is after time off, being told by peers "you've missed so much oh my god!" I know from personal experience, you will get anxious, and don't forget stress is linked to illness! So catch up on the work, even ask for extra work, so when the exams come along or even mocks, you wont feel as if youve missed something or can work towards!

So thats my five top tips for higher education? Got questions?
dont hesitate to ask, or to email me at amylouisedoherty@outlook.com !

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- Amylou


Wales - August 2015

☯ ✡ ☨ ✞ ✝ ☮ ☥ ☦ ☧ ☩ ☪ ☫ ☬ ☭ ✌

I never got the chance to blog about Wales, as Ive been super busy with preparing for A2 courses, and other things going on in my life.
So at the beginning of August, sadly my boyfriend was admitted into hospital after an asthma attack. It was quite serious, however I am not going to go into more detail. It was suggested that we take a break together. So we decided to go spend a few days in Wales. He travelled with his Nan & Cousin, to their caravan at Ty Gwen on the Tuesday, and my dad dropped me off on the Thursday.
  • Tir Prince Fairground [www.tirprince.co.uk]
At Tir Prince, there was a fair ground and a market the whole time we were there. 
Fairgrounds are one of my phobias, so of course I didnt go on any rides however, I grew up
going to markets so enjoyed the market very much! Even bought a few toys for my niece & nephews
as I grew up wanting toys from markets, it was nice having a piece of someone else in my life, when I was little.
The boys particulary enjoyed the Go-karts, however Tir Prince were quite strict on height restrictions, as Daniel [5'10] had
to get a family kart for William [5']

  • Knightley's Fun Parks [www.knightlysfunpark.co.uk]
Knightley's was definetly the best fair we went to [even though i hated them]. The atmosphere was so lively and helpful. On one of our last nights, we went and enjoyed
the family shows [Myself, Daniel and William], we looked really cute, as a couple with an 11 year old. But anyway, sadly I was not entertained, the girls who were putting on a disco, did not seem enthusiastic, which showed
when the children were acting up, hitting them, trying to grab their microphone. Also would of helped if one of them, wore appropriate under garments.
However, they did still continue to entertain even with the rain!

  • Tried my first Costa!
I am not a keen coffee drinker, the smell is lovely but the drink? Ew! Im a cuppa type of girl! Anyway, I never actually realised that Costa do non-coffee drinks [oops], and Daniel wanted me to try one of their ice coolers so bought me their new mango ice cooler. It was nice, would of been nicer if there was no mango sauce in, which made it kind of sickly. Danny was suprised that I enjoyed it, and called me a "typical costa girl" even though Id never go back unless he wanted to. This was also a shock to some friends and family. No no, no starbucks for me! Thankyou!

I think that was it? Other than the drinking we mostly did, but thats not really that important!

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Back To College Haul; Part 1!

So yeah,
I go back to college, a week on Monday, and as some already know, I am obsessed with buying stationary!

Here are some of my new buys!

Tin = Poundland
Calculator = Home n' Bargains = 89p

Heart Sticky Notes = Asda (Walmart) = 50p
Ritabhuma Sticky Notes and Index = Ebay = 99p
Index Sticky Notes (on top) = Asda = £50p
Kawaii Mini Sticky Notes = Ebay = 99p

Floral Rubbers = B&M = £1 (came with pencils also)
Hot Air Balloon Rubber = Wilkinsons = 50p
Bear and Compass Rubber = ^
Purse Rubber = Wilkinsons = Set of 10 = 50p

USB 60GB = Ebay = £4
SD Card = Currys = £4

Kawaii Straight and Curl Ruler = Ebay = 99p
Rubber Grips = 50p (in set)

Both Handgels = Primark = £1

Pritt Sticks (Pink and Rainbow) = Wilkinsons = £1 each

Floral Sharpener = B&M = £1 (in set)
Heart Sharpener = Wilkinsons = 50p

So yeah thats it for part 1, me and the mother are going to do more shopping next friday, so should have another blog up next week!


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Race For Life 21st June 2015

So yes, i barely post but this is so important to me!

Link: https://www.justgiving.com/raceforlifeforritadutt

On the 21st of June, Me and 19 other girls are taking part in the 5k race for life marathon😀 Obviously not running(pft who runs anymore?¿) We're all just going to walk and take our time!

Our motive:
As most of us are part of the family, our motive is our precious Nanna Rita! Rita died on the 26th July 2007 of bowel cancer and kidney failure. We believe she is everyone's guardian angel as she was the perfect nan/wife/sister and mother💓 Personally i remember her for her cup of teas which she would prefer for me every day after school😓💗

Anyway, I would love some support from everyone out there! Especially the people that actually follow me or read my
blog! Now you can donate anonymously so dont worry if I dont know you😌 Also every little helps💗 Any donation is an amazing donation!

Tbh i didnt post this to just gain sponsorship I did this for everyone who has lost someone to cancer! Cancer Research UK are amazing and are that one step closer with donations to the source of cancer and cure 🌸

Please donate, if not to my sponsorship then to the charity! Any charity! Do a good deed today!

Cancer, we're coming to get you!💪🏼

Second Shopping Trip💕 ~ Primark Summer ~

Okay so with exams ive been really inactive! But i went shopping for summery clothes today and just had to share. Now i love all different types of clothing shops but cant go wrong with primark!🌻

Check these out!

1. Chokers (£2)
2. Single Daisy Chocker (£1.50)
3. Elephant Blue Earring Set (£1.50)
4. Butterfly Manicure Set (£2)
5. Frilly socks (£1.50 each)
6. Bracelet Chockers (£1)
7. Pink Melon lip balm (£1)
8. Pink flower kimono (£14)
9. Light blue jeggings (£7)
10. Patchy blue skinny jeans (£11)
11. Purple flowy vest top (£4)
12. Pink flowers skater dress (£5)
13, Black Opaque 120 tights (£2.50)

Pictures below!

So excited for summer! First time I wont wear black (weird huh?) anyway! if im inactive doesnt mean you should be too!

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Shopping Trip!

Hey guys!

Went on a massive shopping trip with my dad 
yesterday! Needed some new clothes since he's started a new job,
last week, and i just generally needed clothes! So glad I went with my dad, im a super daddy's girl i'll tell you that! Got some nice stuff(check out the pics below, didn't take pictures of everything I got but these are my faves!)

These are all from "Matalan" 
Cute ay?

● Frilly Socks - £1.50
 Loafers - £15
● Orange Slim Fit Dress - £18
● Blue floral and lace blouse - £16
 I love them! My dad bought some really nice smart shoes, and shirts etc but who wants to see a dad's clothes? (Dont answer that!)

If you want leave comments of what you think!


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New Blog♥


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This is me (dont laugh at my ugliness)

Will post sooner than you think!

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