Shopping Trip!

Hey guys!

Went on a massive shopping trip with my dad 
yesterday! Needed some new clothes since he's started a new job,
last week, and i just generally needed clothes! So glad I went with my dad, im a super daddy's girl i'll tell you that! Got some nice stuff(check out the pics below, didn't take pictures of everything I got but these are my faves!)

These are all from "Matalan" 
Cute ay?

● Frilly Socks - £1.50
 Loafers - £15
● Orange Slim Fit Dress - £18
● Blue floral and lace blouse - £16
 I love them! My dad bought some really nice smart shoes, and shirts etc but who wants to see a dad's clothes? (Dont answer that!)

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New Blog♥


Decided to make a new blog, since my old one is from when I was 12 (embarassing much!)
So lets get to know me! Hi i'm Amy, Im 17 and im totally cool ngl! I love gossip girl, drawing and im a shopaholic! 

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This is me (dont laugh at my ugliness)

Will post sooner than you think!

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