Back To College Haul; Part 1!

So yeah,
I go back to college, a week on Monday, and as some already know, I am obsessed with buying stationary!

Here are some of my new buys!

Tin = Poundland
Calculator = Home n' Bargains = 89p

Heart Sticky Notes = Asda (Walmart) = 50p
Ritabhuma Sticky Notes and Index = Ebay = 99p
Index Sticky Notes (on top) = Asda = £50p
Kawaii Mini Sticky Notes = Ebay = 99p

Floral Rubbers = B&M = £1 (came with pencils also)
Hot Air Balloon Rubber = Wilkinsons = 50p
Bear and Compass Rubber = ^
Purse Rubber = Wilkinsons = Set of 10 = 50p

USB 60GB = Ebay = £4
SD Card = Currys = £4

Kawaii Straight and Curl Ruler = Ebay = 99p
Rubber Grips = 50p (in set)

Both Handgels = Primark = £1

Pritt Sticks (Pink and Rainbow) = Wilkinsons = £1 each

Floral Sharpener = B&M = £1 (in set)
Heart Sharpener = Wilkinsons = 50p

So yeah thats it for part 1, me and the mother are going to do more shopping next friday, so should have another blog up next week!


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