How I keep my babyface...

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The classic 3-step from Clinique.

As a teen, it can be extremely annoying getting spots. Why are we subjected to deal with these vile things just because we're at the peak of our life? I rather not suffer with spots when I have so many important things that involve drinking coming up. However, that's the thing; I've never suffered with spots. Of course, I've suffered with eczema, but it has always been on my arms and legs, and within my scalp. But my face has remained quite baby like. I'm 19 so of course I dont expect my face to be completely covered with wrinkles and age lines but all my friends seemed to go through a phase of acne, creams, not wanting to leave the house because of a spot they got on their forehead.

 I've had my fare share of cold sores due to my immune system lacking, but I'm always given compliments for my skin. "Aren't you 14" "You have such a smooth skin". Now the last one doesn't count for my endless dry skin issues, my massive pores and panda eyes after a night out. But there are some products I can really count on, that have helped me since I was 12. And majority - or should I say all, are from Clinique. My mum has used clinique since she was 16 due to skin issues, so I was forced, or recommended to use it too. And I am not sorry that I am able to use clinique.

1. Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask.

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A great starter before a bath, or just in general before starting the next parts of the skin care routine. You simply slather a thin layer onto your pore areas (such as the nose, T section, chin and upper cheek bones). Wait 5 minutes and rinse! Of course, you'd have to continuely use this for it to have an effect, but I find it really refreshing once you've took your makeup off, and about to get a bath and can have it on, while you wash up!

2. Liquid Facial Soap (Mild)
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Now this soap is extremely refreshing after the mask, and the next in my routine. It helps remove any makeup you've missed and runs a similiar routine as the mask does. Rub it all over your face, leave it for about 2 minutes and rinse! It can come in various forms, depending on your skin. As my skin is quite sensitive I started with 1 (mild) and in a bottle form, whereas my mum uses the soap form. Once rinsed, your skin feels ready for some moisturiser.

3. Moisture Surge

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Now this is a most needed product! Especially if you have dried out skin, flakey skin. This is moisture surge. It's the third step of your skincare routine which is a must before normal moisturiser! It has a nice watery texture, which allows for your skin to be hydrated. It's also a really nice to put on a few minutes before your makeup, as your skin doesn't feel as "cakey".

4. Super-Defense Triple Action Moisturiser 

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You could leave out this, but it's better to have a flat moisturiser after such a watery one. And what better than a super defense one! This moisturiser is easy to apply, you only need a little bit to cover certain parts of your face and helps rejuvenate any aggressors!

5. All About Eyes

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Now this isn't really that necessary at this age, but you've got to be sure to keep the eyes well. Our eyes are the most likely to be covered in third party things such as makeup, eyelashes, dust etc, and age faster than anything. As a teen who conquers stress, my eyes are aging faster than anything! All about eyes, allows for that to slow down, and you can't see any stress bags/puffy eyes. It really helps as a primer for eye makeup also, and perfect to put on before bed!

I hope this was helpful for some! And don't be afraid to leave questions in the commments section!

Bakerday's Letterbox Cake Review

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Please bare with me as this is my first ever review. Enthusiastically, I was given the chance to recieve a cute letterbox cake from Bakerdays, just in time for halloween!

Who are Bakerdays?

Bakerdays is a Personalised Celebration Cake Specialist! Who provide quality personalised cakes (including cupcakes) for all occasions. (Literally, all occcasions!)

The "Letterbox" cake is the baby of the bakerdays family. It's just 5” in diameter and best of all it fits perfectly through the Letterbox allowing you to surprise anyone with the most delicious personalised gift!


So, with it being the middle of October, I ordered (picture above) a wonderful halloween cake! I picked this design, as the party I was holding that halloween weekend was for the children in my family. My 2 year old nephew stated it reminded him of his halloween videos he was watching, so I guess that was a plus!

Now onto the cake it's self!

What's the most important thing about the cake? Well, that's the taste of course. It was a children's party so I was a bit scared there would be some jam in the cake, which would pretty much make it unedible, but thankfully no jam, was seen! The cake is able to cut in to 3-4 average pieces, but we managed to split it into 6 which was just enough for people who wanted some. One person who particularly enjoyed two pieces was my dad! (And that's saying something if my dad eats cake!)

"Cake delivered on time, exactly as we'd requested. Icing and personalisation highest quality. Looked good and tasted good too. Brilliant. Made a 91 year old very happy."

Even though I didn't actually buy the cake, you can't go wrong for them prices either! Included in the filling is a "dairy free" and "gluten free" option, which I believe is quite nice to include. As some one who never really buys cakes (always my parents) and someone who works to support those with chronic illnesses such as gluten intolerance and celiac diease, it was nice to see someone identifies other options for people who may just want a cake that they can actually eat!

The cake fitted nicely on our spooky dining table! Instagram: ameslou24


The person who handles all customer service (Anna) was absolutely lovely when contacting me. I was able to pick which cake I would like, and given a lot of helpful information on Bakerdays. I am not going to lie, I never heard of Bakerdays, which now after trying one of their products actually makes me sad! Deliverywise, it is okay! I received the cake within a week of discussing delivery, which in all fairness, I believe is quite fast. (My 18th birthday cake took 2 weeks to make, so that was fast for me)! Furthermore, the cake comes in a cute little tin and an expiration date, which really helped as not many cakes can last that long or come with that sort of information when ordering.

Final words?

All in all, my experience with Bakerdays was fabulous! The company, the product, the staff, all brilliant! So whether you're looking for a birthday cake, or a silly cake, head over to Bakerday's website and check them out!

Find Bakerdays on; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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Want to a honest, reliable, mature review? Contact me at

I hope people enjoyed this review! Be sure to leave me some feedback on this post or share it with others! And don't forget to check Bakerdays out!

- Amylou

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Dear Form Tutor.

So as you'll all know I've done a letter blog post before,and that was to myself. But this time, it's to someone I know. Let's call her Laura. Laura is a teacher and my absolute anger needs to go somewhere, so it is going here. I would also like to say, anger may have consumed me, but I tried my hardest to be respectful, mature but also firm.

Dear Laura/Form Tutor,

I am writing this, because I am in utter shock at the absolute ignorance I recieved today, over something that has consumed my life, and is something that is none of your business. We'll start with the background of it, shall we? And don't think I'm doing the backstory for you, I'm doing it for my readers. Invisible Illnesses are illnesses that you can not see, but can be purely physical or mental. Examples of this are; Asthma, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Depression etc. Now, as you'll know, surely as I confided in you most of last year, I am one of 100 million people that suffer from a whole list of invisible chronic illnesses. Now last year I was that consumed by so many illnesses, with so little help, I had to drop out. You knew this, as you were my supportive form tutor. I had doctor's full permission to quit college and not sit my exams, talked about it and hoped to come back. 

So, college started again 3 weeks ago, and I decided, yes I was going to come back. I wouldn't let these illnesses completely take over anything, and get the A-Levels I truly deserved. I wanted things my way, I wanted to be isolated, and that was the only way I'd be happy coming back, as you learn you need to be independent when dealing with so many things at once, purely due to the fact it's less stress coping with others. Lessons are A-Okay by the way, thankyou for never asking. 

So of course, as you should know, invisible illnesses are like a trial and error. One morning I could wake up feeling fresh as a daisy, the other day my body could be stuck the bed, just as super glue can stick to wood. But I've felt perfectly okay the last few weeks until last week. I woke up Wednesday morning, okay-ish. The weather is changing, so I'm always aware I'll have to start taking my inhaler more. So I got on the bus to college, my chest feeling tight but hey I ignored it, I'm an asthmatic, what do I expect. Got into college, and the change of temperature was drastic. And bam! My chest tightens even more, my oxygen levels are dropping and I'm panicking for air. I took myself, as an asthmatic should let's remember, to the first person I could find and told them I believed I was having an asthma attack. I was then sent into hospital.

Do you know what the hospital said? They said it wasn't an asthma attack, but something they class a a "bronchospam". This is when you're usually ill, if you're asthmatic, your lungs will imitate an asthma attack to tell you "Hey girl, something's wrong here". That "something wrong" was a viral infection. After a few more tests, I was sent home with steroids, and I am now on antibiotics, and some pain relief, as it has triggered my chronic migraines (for those who aren't aware, also an invisible illness). 

Right, so I suppose we should get onto the actual reasons, I am sat here, with my large cup of cranberry juice and aggresively typing. I have missed 2 whole days in the past 3 weeks. Now I deserve a gold medal for this, as with the amount I go through, I'm quite surprised. One of these days, I came in and got sent to hospital due to a life threatening event, the second day was literally yesterday as my viral infection is bound to last two weeks, you know, due to having a weaker immune system but hey, that's not okay! Anyway, I haven't missed any other days, I've powered through, even the days were I've woke up and unable to lift my head off the pillow due to the massive pressure, I've forced myself into college. This is my final chance afterall. 

The thing is, you've believed you've had the right to have an opinion on my business, which personally you don't. Last thursday, I walked into college, missed form time again, as I had an asthma attack the day before, I was told I deserved to come in just for my lessons, which is what I did. And you know what I was greeted with? One of my friends who also attends these silly 10 minute form sessions, to tell me I was being spoken about infront of a whole room of people who, to tell you the truth, I could never tell you their names. The thing said was "Oh Amy isn't here? How typical?" Now, yes that was typical of me last year, I don't blame you for that. But I'm sure you were aware of what I had endoured the day before right? Since the office staff are quite brilliant, and left a note on the register for you to see? But maybe you didn't check it because you saw my name, and thought it was so typical of me? Typical of me to think I was possibly dying? Do you know how serious an asthma attack? Do you know how it feels to know your life could be over any minute because your lungs don't work as good as anyone else? No, you don't. 

The second thing I had to encounter, on a day where I did attend a form session, was you singling me out. "Oh, Amy!" as soon as you see me, gosh I know what a surprise I attended college when I have been doing soundly. So we continued with ours kills audit as usual. It got to the end of the session, and you asked to speak to me. Of course I knew what was coming as I needed to speak to you about why I missed form last week. But what I received, was a big lecture on attendance. An ignorant one if that. Especially since you weren't listening to some of what I said, and assumed the worst of me. Now, for my readers, my timetable is a bit different to everyone else. I cannot attend history lessons due to the new specification, so I do my lessons outside of the timetable on MY own time. Now I have arranged this with the history teacher, but apparently I have not?

Photo taken post Asthma Attack. Date can be proven on facebook.

 I arranged it for Tuesdays after college. Thankfully, my new nephew was born last week, and the only chance I had to meet him was last Tuesday. Now, I personally think seeing my new born nephew was a little important. Of course history is too, but I was going to make it up to my history teacher as I had all the appropriate work to give to him. As I said, I'm doing everything independently. But what you heard, was that I skipped college, in the day, to go and see my nephew, and had the decency to give me a sort of face as if I'm a terrible student. I personally think Laura, if you were in my situation, you'd do the same, am i right? After 3:15pm, is MY time, as Ive always said. And I missed this Tuesday's session as you know, I had a virus and I was incapable of moving anything, and had severe symptoms (TMI).

I then went on to explain myself (which do I really have to do?) about why I missed last Wednesday. Again, why were you not aware of this? Or are you that ignorant? I stated how I had an asthma attack but did actually come into college beforehand. Well, it seemed you gave me another "eyerolling" look. I'm sorry, did my not being able to breathe, thought I was going to die, bother you in some way? I'm so sorry, but personally I dont think I should be apologising. You then went on to tell me how important attendance was, which I already know. You then went to tell me how it seems I'm going to end up being like last year. Now, I would of understood that if I missed maybe a week. But 2 days. I've even been doing extra work on my frees, but nope, not okay as I could of died. 

This is what I'm on about. Teachers should be educated on a lot of things. Of course, teachers get training for dealing with mental health and learning disabilities. And this is the way it should be. But what about other conditions. Would a teacher know how to deal with a girl who has endometriosis and has a flare up one day? Would they know how to deal with a boy who is extremely tired due to having chronic fatigue syndrome? How about a person who has lyme disease? Do you even know what that is. I suffer with a whole list of things but apparently it doesn't matter because I smile everyday. I can walk. I can talk normally. Well, you know what? It's not. I still need to be recognised. There may be a day were I need to be calmed down. Did you know I have a hormone imbalance? So what would you do if I randomly started crying in the middle of a lesson? Or one morning I wake up with low serotonin levels and can't get out of bed. Is that lazy? Should I apologise?

I cannot stop my body from being sick. I cannot make myself look sick. I should not have to apologise for having a de-evolutionised immune system.

But you know what you could do? Educate yourself. 

And if you need help with that, just ask me, because trust me I have a whole list of resources. 

I hope this is a learning curve for you.


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Inactivity makes the heart grow fonder...

"Taking Time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective" - Do Zantamata.

So my last post was about being an Episode Interactive writer. However, since then I've been so caught up in life that I haven't had a chance to blog atall! Of course I've kept my social media active, but I believe my readers deserve an explanation.

So as some of you may know, August has been a follow up of doctor's appointments and sorting my life out. First was the gynaecologist follow up (can I say what a disappointment), then was the rubber band ligation and then the ENT!

The outcome?

Well the gynae discharged me on grounds of not having any gynae issues other than being stressed. My GP said this was stupid of them to do as my problems worsened after surgery and it should of been investigated, but hey ho. Then a week later I endured the vile bowel prep as I did with the sigmoidoscopy a few months back. I was in major panic as I was told there wouldn't be another sigmoidoscopy, but a proctoscopy, then I get a letter through the door for a sigmoidoscopy. Thankfully I got there and it was a proctoscopy with biopsies. I also had rubber band ligation (rubber bands placed around hemmaroids to suffocate them and release them) It was 2 minutes and I was out. Sadly my body went into shock and my blood pressure went too high and then too low really fast. Isn't it weird when you're looking out and you feel fine but people around you are panicking and telling you to calm down?

I was in agony the whole day! Oh my word! I thought the laparoscopy was bad, but compared to that, it was a piece of cake! The next day I had my first ever appointment with the ENT. My GP did the Eply Manouvere and decided I must have vertigo. This wasn't a surprised as from a young age, I avoided heights, could never go on trampolines and until I was 15 (how embarrassing) I could never walk down stairs (just in my house) properly. After being given some vertigo tablets, I started to get worse. I could never concentrate, I had to have people repeat themselves, and I hated lifting my head off the pillow. The ENT showed me my hearing was normal so thankfully, I had concentration problems. After a few more tests, I was told I have chronic migraines, but particular vestibular issues. The diagnosis was "Migraine-Vertigo". She said it wasn't a surprise since my mum and her twin have BPPV, and it can be genetic. She also had some blood tests sent off, and turns out I am folic deficient and B12 deficient. I am likely to be anaemic in the future, but my sister has anaemia so it wasn't a surprise we had it, due to our grandad!

Rubber Band Ligation Example Photo.

So now, I am just under one specialist! How exciting! Of course I'm always under an pulmonologist and will be for the rest of my life, but only when my asthma starts to deteriorate. But it's definitely a step forward (even though my GP says she will have to refer me back to my gynae...but you know...shush!) 

As for life (eurgh), I have finally got a job (for legal reasons, I cant write about it apparently...) but that's a plus! And I also decided what job would be best for me. I have always organised events, planning my own wedding since I was 7, including swatches and specific companies for things. So I thought, take a strength of mine, and turn it into a future! So it starts the planning (ironic) to my future job!

For more updates, follow my social media! (links below)

- Amylou

Episode Interactive: Myself as a Platform Writer.

Episode Interactive Cover. Owned by Pocket Gems.

Episode Interactive. The animated stories app perfect for all you out there who love to read and watch. However, it's also amazing for those who love to script or write stories, like myself.

How I became a writer you ask?

Well I always loved episode from a young teen. I remember reading "Real Hollywood", one of the stories by Episode themselves, and was so interested in the whole writing platform. I used to write fanfiction for one direction (don't judge me!) and decided it would be fab for Episode. 


Well I created my first story at 14 and boy looking back, I was a terrible writer. I wrote as if I was a 14 year old texting my best friends. Of course I didn't take it seriously back then, I used to send my friends the links and include them in the stories, write in informal English and misunderstand the whole animation process. Now I'm 18, I scrapped the stories I wrote at 14, and rewrote one of them (links will be below). I rewrote it at 16 and because of A-Levels, I never spent much time on it. Now, I have 4 stories! And I love them all, and not to toot my own horn, but I think they're rather interesting and good.

Restricted Princess - @floralepisodes
So I thought I'd make this post based on tips for those who are maybe interested in writing or who have just started out and need some help. Now I am not one of the best writers on there or one of the most known, but growing up scripting, I have some simple tips.

1. Plan your story.

Be sure to plan your story. I started writing my first story without planning it and got majorly bored and stopped half way through. I of course went back and finished it but having writer's block is horrible. Figure out whether it's going to be a short story (10 chapters or less) or a long story (25 chapters or more). Plan it all out whether that's on word, or written down.
Example Plan.
2. Write for you!

Of course, you expect people to enjoy reading your stories. But always remember, this is your story. Constructive criticism is good but when it's harsh, it really doesn't help you as a writer. So if you get any hate mail, ignore it. You wrote this story your way, and just because one or two people don't like it, doesn't mean everyone doesn't like it.

3. Cliche.

Cliche's are okay! Sometimes it can get boring reading the typical "teen pregnancy" story or typical romance story. But add something surprising in! A great example of this is the story "Pregnant but to whom?" It's about a teenage girl who get's pregnant but then her world get's turned upside down, and it's a mixture of futuristic and romance. A really interesting and good read. Some of the best stories include cliches, but make them your own!

4. Research.

Do your research in advance. Read the help Episode provide, join the forums, learn how to spot direct and script a great story. Trust me, your first 1 or 2 chapters will not be perfect. But as long as you get the jist eventually, your directing will be perfect. One day you might go back and make the first episode even better! And dont forget research for your stories! Want to include an actual fact? Be sure to get all the right information!

5. Proper language.

Always try and use propper grammar and language when writing. Always make the readers aware of a speech change (example: drunk, foreign, alien) but always try to write as if you are in school writing an essay or in an exam. Sometimes it can be annoying, someone "writin like dis" or messing words up. Of course there are writers who may not have English as their first language and try their best, but they try their hardest to write as formal as they can.

6. Join the episode community.

Create an episode instagram, join the forums and join the episode facebook group. Interact with other writers! Also your readers can find you on social media, and see sneak peeks or check when you'll next to be updating! It really helps keep your readers in the loop!

7. Stressing.

Write when you can. Some writers usually tell their readers when they are releasing their episodes, and sometimes this is extremely stressful. Of course create a schedule if you know you're going to be writing all the time. But if you know you wouldn't be able to keep the schedule, do not promise episode release dates! Some readers may see this as a promise being broken and this may make you feel rushed. Simple imply you release whenever you can or want to. Sometimes episodes can take a while to write, let alone edit and read over!

8. Length of Chapters.

Episode advise episodes to be atleast 400 lines long. But usually the ones that keep readers entised are ones over 700 lines. Not only this but choices and dressing games can make the lines a lot longer. But this is the writer's choice. I've found making my chapters include quite a few choices and branching makes them longer and a lot more interesting to my readers. However when just starting out, atleast try and reach the 500+ mark!

9. Read other stories.

Check out other stories, preferably written by unknown episode writers. You may learn something or see something you like.
Demi Lovato - Myself and another character. - Written by Episode.
10. Have fun!

So I hope you all enjoyed this blog post. It's something a little different. If you want to check out my episode things, just read below!

- Amylou.

My Episode Stories:

My author name: FloralEpisodes

- Restricted Princess (Drama/Romance)
- Foolish (Romance)
- Degrassi: Episode (Drama)
- Book of Life (Fantasy)

Episode Instagram:


The sigmoidoscope and me...

So as most of you will know, 2 weeks ago I conquered another procedure. The deadly sigmoidoscopy....*

*I must disclose I go into quite a bit of detail, some may seem TMI (although I try not to) but it is a very "intimate" procedure and requires specific TMI words...

What is a sigmoidoscopy?
A {flexible} sigmoidoscopy is a procedure that is used to look inside the rectum (back passage) and lower part of your large bowel. The camera (sigmoidoscope) is a small, narrow, flexible camera that is inserted inside.

A sigmoidoscopy is often used to identify; haemorrhoids (piles) on the inside, polyps, ulcers, tumours and inflammatory bowel diseases such as Colitis. If a polyp or something is found, they may take a biopsy. If haemorrhoids are found they will do rubber band ligation. This involves suffocating the haemorrhoids, and they will fall out naturally.

Well, how did mine go? Well, let me tell you, I definitely do not want another one.

Isn't it weird how everything terrible happens to me? At least I try to be optimistic, well I try to with a lot of things, but hospital procedures never seem to go right for me.

First off, I went to Elective Care, the same place were I had my laparoscopy done. I'd say I waited max 20 minutes and was immediately called in to get changed into a gown and the weird shorts. Not even half dressed and they were ready for me. The nurses were all lovely, there were about 5/6 on the team and then the endoscopist. She talked me through the procedure, confirmed everything I told the nurses before I went in, and gave me my oxygen to begin with. Everything was fine up until that bit. I guess I wasn't scared as I had the laparascopy 2 months before, so I thought this would be a piece of cake..

No chance. I was told I'd be given an anaesthetic to relax me, and I could choose between gas&air or a relaxing agent. I chose the relaxing agent of course, as it came with oxygen and it seemed like the right one at the time. Once given the anaesthetic, I'd say my vision was blurry..ish, well I wear glasses full time so of course taking them off, it was blurry but alot more blurry than usual. I felt fine...exactly as I did when I came in...Strange right? So a few minutes later I feel weird, like I can seriously feel this camera inside me (TMI), and it was seriously uncomfortable. The endoscopist asked the nurse next to me if I was "out of it" (like sleepy as I should of been), the nurse replied "No". I was 100% aware of where I was, and extremely emotional at that. I said it didn't matter and for them to continue anyway. Then she hit something and that made me extremely tense, and panic (Just FYI; if you ever need a camera done up the rectum, dont flex or tense.)

So the endoscopist exited as she could tell I really wanted to stop, the pain was unbearable and I could feel my chest getting tighter. She exited and asked if I felt I couldnt breathe. I felt personally okay just my chest was hurting. She said this is normal for an asthmatic. So I was wheeled off to the little discharge room, and laid in bed feeling to be honest, fine. Sore, but I felt like I just walked into a room, had a camera put up somewhere and was told to leave after a few seconds. Then weirdly as soon as I was wheeled into the room, I felt funny, like extremely relaxed. Apparently the relaxing agent I was given, can take a while to kick in (It would be me wouldn't it?) 

So after a bout half an hour, I felt okay, I could walk, get dressed so they sent me to the waiting room to wait for my mum. I had a cup of tea and some biscuits and then finally went home.

I ate and ate and ate (You have to fast for 24 hours before...) and felt fine. Had a massive headache, chest still hurt and very emotional, but whats different?

The next day was a nightmare. Woke up, feeling really lightheaded...I put it off as "Oh well I was injected with an anaesthetic" It'll wear off tomorrow. But no this was weird. Everytime I stood up, I fell straight back down, my chest got a lot tighter through the day, and my head was killing. I felt like I was going to be sick. Next minute, there it was. the food I so enjoyed in my mouth again (TMI). I immediately panicked, not helping my already tight chest and started panicking. It also didn't help the vomit tasted like metal, highlighting blood in the vomit. Hello asthma attack! I rang 111, and was told I'd need to go to A&E. My mum rushed home and we headed there.

After a while of messing about telling me I should just go to a walk in centre, saying I need to be seen to quicker but they were understaffed (Typical NHS), they decided to keep me and see me. After blood tests, wee samples, xrays. They figured I had an allergic reaction the sedative given to me, and were worried that this sedative harmed my lungs (Meaning they were scared of a law suit(: ) After loads of hours I was sent back home, and went straight to bed.

What about now?
Well 2 weeks later and I still feel exactly the same as I did that second day. Headaches, Dizziness, Nausea. But I have nausea constantly anyway but I never really got headaches or dizziness. It even hurts to stare at this computer screen right now but I had to get this written (hello 20% brightness). I went to my GP and he reckons I had an oncoming sinus infection anyway, and a water infection and the sedative just brought out the symptoms anymore. Have been given extremely high doses of codeine, paracetamol and anti-sickness meds (basically stuff that will knock me out.) and antibiotics, but nothings changed, everything is short term as usual.

So here are some tips for those, who may be getting a camera in the future:

1. Be prepared - Take a dressing gown, a magazine and a fizzy drink with you in a bag. Your bag stays with you the whole time and the nurses take it with you to the discharge room. I felt so thirsty and lacked energy after the procedure, I asked my boyfriend to bring me sprite when he picked me up with my mum. It helped! 

2. Ask about anaesthetic - Before you go into the procedure, you go into a room with a nurse to discuss you know whats happening, allergies, conditions etc. Ask what anaesthetic they'll be using. I found out afterwards they could of used another type of relaxing agent which is both pain relief and sedative. 

3. Signs - Be aware of the signs of a problem after the procedure. If within 24 hours you feel; lightheaded, extremely nauseated or vomit, sore joints, large amounts of blood in stools or back passage. These are warning signs to get help.

4. Relax - You SHOULD feel fine after 24/48 hours, and they say go back to work after then. But after the procedure, go to bed, put pyjamas on, eat something nice and relax. It can be very stressful and or painful.

I know this seemed extremely morbid and terrifying, but this was my personal experience and had to write about it, as I said I would. Having an allergic reaction after a procedure is a very rare thing, so don't be worried about that! 

If you have any questions, you are welcome to email me at or at my social media, which is linked below!

I also did a "live" update on my facebook page of the trip to A&E (live as in I was writing as everything was happened) so go read that if you wish!

- Amylou

Dear Future Self...

Most bloggers, specifically those who are chronically ill, write to their past self. One example was Emilia Clarke (plays Deanerys in Game of Thrones) wrote a letter to her 18 year old self, explaining relationships, dreams and other things she learnt as she grown up. Bur what about writing to our older self? Wouldn't you want to at least hope for better in the future?

Today my blog post is going to be a letter to myself. Now I guess I better choose an age to write to? I'm going to choose the age...25. Now this is only 6 years away, but 25 years old was quite significant to me, as I had this superstition when I was younger that this was when I was going to die (Weird isn't it? I had a strange childhood.)

Lets begin...

Dear Amy-Lou,

Hopefully now you're 25, you've reached a point in life were you know where your life is going, and I hope you've achieved a goal, one of many I'm sure as you've always been quite indecisive on what you aspire to be, whether it was a politician, a teacher or race car driver (I'm sure 5 year old Amy is now buzzing inside of you, she would be so happy if you truly became a race car driver.) 

What's it like in the year 2022? Nothing changed I'm guessing? I bet Impractical Jokers is still on, gosh I love that show. How cute is Sal? And bet you're sitting on the couch, laptop on your knee, in your own home watching Friends on Comedy Central. Typical day huh? I hope you read this on a Saturday and you're working young woman! Gosh I sound like Dad right? Sadly you were more like him than you think when you were younger, but I bet you still have that nasty temper and irish wit. It it was it is, so it?;)

Did you go back to college? Remember we dropped out? Dad always thrown apprenticeships and jobs at you, but remember it was always a dream to get A-Levels. Maybe Uni wasn't in the question (or maybe it was, well done!) but you always wanted to be proud of yourself, and no matter what I'm sure I'm reading this smiling know I've come far and got to where I wanted to be by 25. Remember being 13 and thinking "Oh wow I'm going to die at 25". I cant remember why we thought that, we always had an irrational fear of things including failure, but remember where ever we end up, we tried our hardest.

Expectantly you're in a committed relationship? I hope it's with Daniel, because I cant see you's breaking up, but hey this is 6 years down the road now, and everyone is bound to go through heartbreak, but I have it in my heart that you now have a ring on your finger off him, or even already married. If not; Hello to the new guy! You best had be treating me right! Does he understand you? Please tell me he helps you with your illnesses? Get him to read my other post on invisible illnesses, Daniel read it, and he completely understood remember.

Sadly I wish to discuss this, and I hope this doesn't make you cry but children. Did you get new fertility tests? Are you sure you're infertile? Please tell me you've already had your first child? I hope little Peter or Frankie is running round the living room, playing with their little toy Simba, and watching Disney films like Aristocats like you used to love watching when you were a child. If there isn't a child, I swear to god you best had  be trying, although I'll be proud of you whether you adopt or just don't have children. You'll always have Joseph, Izabella, Ollie and the new baba (to be announced 2016), although they'll all be near their teenage years by then.

Do you have a full diagnosis of your problems? I'm guessing Mum still calls you a hypochondriac, (of course remember it's our own little joke). If anyone else calls you it, punch them! (Please don't violence is not the answer), but only Mum can call you it. Hopefully the doctors have finally done more tests, maybe another operation because these pains at the minute are excruciating! Seriously though, you best not have given up, never let these illnesses defeat you and never let anyone tell you otherwise, although you're now an adult, you've had these pains for what now? Over...14 years? Now is not the time to be defeated!! 

So I guess my work is done..right? Hoping that you read this and fulfilled everything I set out to do. Maybe show the kids? Show them that even at 18, you were thinking of the future. Tomorrow is a new day, and a new step to where you want to be. If  by 25 you still have a long way to go, maybe write a letter to your 35 year old self? It might help a little.


♡ 18 year old, Amy-Lou 

♕ Quotes of The Week ♕

 7th June - 12th June 2016. 

So I've never done a post like this before, but with everyone I know having exam week and I have the hospital on Thursday, I thought some quote encouragement would be good!

Quote 1:

Believe in Yourself! The only person who can truly develop you is yourself. If you constantly think negatively, are you actually moving ahead? No! You're simply moving backwards. Start off with a little faith in yourself, For example; I believe every morning I will get up, and out of bed, and sit downstairs. This can be extremely hard, but I believe that I am better than just staying in bed all day! Start off small, then one day you may truly believe in yourself and gain the confidence you always needed.

Quote 2:

This quote really speaks to me. I believe if you want to go do something or have a aspiration, you simply have to strive for it! This relates to what I said in the last one about being negative. "It is easier said than done" of course things are, but how will you know without trying!

Quote 3:

Remember, to be successful, you have to make a few mistakes along the way. As they say "Rome was not built in a day". Don't rush into things! Don't expect what you want to come to you straight away. Build on yourself, carry your weight to your next goal, and just because you may make a mistake on the way, does not mean you are a failure. It simply means you are human. So don't worry you'll make it!

Quote 4:

This goes out to any students, or chronically ill people like myself. Are you sitting exams right now? Or undergoing treatment that is terrifying? Well the quote basically speaks for it's self. Finishing that exam, is one step closer to University, which means another life cycle closer to your dream job! And that treatment? Yeah I know, it truly feels like hell, but what if this takes the pain away? Or helps you understand your illnesses? One day it might lead to a cure? Always have faith in what you're doing right now. And hey; if it fails? Tomorrow is always a new day.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! My next post will be on my hospital appointment/procedure on Thursday which I am preparing for right now! (Yikes! Bowel Prep!) So, if you enjoy my blog, please save it somewhere! Or keep up to date with the links below!

- Amylou.