Bring on 2018! My new year resolutions and blog goals!

2017 is finally over, and I'm so glad! Literally! So many things have gone on this year that I really wish to forget, and I'm making 2018 my year. Not only do I turn the big 21, but I want to make up until my 21st memorable, I want to be able to share pictures from each month at the end of 2018 and go "What a great year". Wish I could say that for 2017.

1. Get a sustainable job.
From August, I took a few months off. Of course, I applied for jobs while taking that time out, but so much was going on with my health, and then close to the end of the year so much happened I was unable to actually take a job. Leaving A-Levels and going to University is an easy transition, you have a few weeks off then head back into education. That is not the path for me at all, and I know it wasn't. But transitioning into a job is hard work, and I'm going to fight to get into my dream job as soon as possible.

2. Moving out.
Yes, I'll need a job first. But I always told myself, I would move out as soon as I was an adult, and I think I've spent enough time at home. However, I started thinking more realistically as I ventured into college. My dreams were, that I would move far away from Liverpool. I hate it here, although it's a beautiful city, and I will defend it to the Wools (people from outside Liverpool as much as I can), it doesn't feel like home. But, due to family and other things I've realised maybe just outside Liverpool is okay, or even starting off in my first house/flat in Liverpool. This is what both me and my partner are working towards, and I'm so excited.

3. Travel a little bit more.
Okay, this needs money too. But this is a relationship goal. Me and Daniel have both decided we  deserve an actual holiday. And the great thing is, we both enjoy the same sort of holidays. Adventurous ones. I'm not one to sit on a beach. Why go on holiday, come back and people say "Oh so what did you do?" "just sat and got a tan." That's not a memory to me. You can say so many times "I went here and here and here", but you can say "I visited these ancient temples with this history." "I went into this village, and in their culture they do this." That's the type of holiday I want. So we're aiming to visit Prague, Russia and the Ukraine this year. (Prague was my idea..Danny is obsessed with the USSR history for some reason!)

4. Blogging Events.
Moving onto blogging, this is something I need to venture in to. I was invited to 4 blogging events this year, which for a chronic illness blogger is alot. 2 of them were in the city, and 2 outside, and all times it was anxiety or illness that stopped me going. And it really upset me that I had to let people down. This year it's going to stop. My anxiety takes over all the time, and I think that's when my illnesses decide "you're ill". So 2018, I will get invited to events (if anyone wants to invite me to any ;) ) and I am going and getting that experience!

5. Healthy Eating.
This year has been ridiculous for the amount of crap food I have consumed. I've gave myself the year off, and the weight and insecurity has piled on, and I only have myself to blame. However, 2018 I won't be going hard on myself. When I was younger I had to lose weight because if I didn't, I was making myself worse, confidence wise and health wise. But now I'm an adult, not so much. So dieting is starting, but I am damn well sure taking my time!

I hope everyone has a lovely new year!

These are my 5 resolutions for next year. Great right? What are your resolutions for 2018? Any blogging ones? Comment them down below!

#BLOGMAS DAY 23: Sweater Weather Tag!

So I was tagged by my wonderful friend Hannah Elizabeth, to do the Sweater Weather Tag! I was meant to post this on Day 16, but had to skip a few days! So here it is!

1. Favorite candle scent?
I love Vanilla but my christmassy favourite is Gingerbread! Next do a lovely candle that my MIL bought, and the gingerbread smell is gorgeous!

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
Tea! I'm not a fan of coffee or hot chocolate. I don't mind hot chocolate but I have to really want it!

3. What’s the best fall memory you have?
Probably the year my sister had a halloween party!

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?
Oh gosh! Both? No? I prefer a winged eyeliner I think. I can only pull off a dark lip if I'm not going through a pale phase.

5. Best fragrance for fall?
It depends on if you want a Musky scent or a fruity scent. My favourite scent this Fall/Winter is "Ghost" (the Original).

6. Favorite Thanksgiving food?
Can I change this to christmas? I think so! Since we don't celebrate it here. Probably roast potatoes.

7. What is autumn weather like where you live?
Rain...more rain..Wind..I live on the coast so it's a lot of fun!

8. Most worn sweater?
I have this yellow one that's so comfy!

9. Must-have nail polish this fall?
Although it's more frosty, I'm in love with a blue nail varnish from Barry M at the minute!

10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?
Jumping in leaf piles! Duh!

11. Skinny jeans or leggings?
Depends on the day! I'd have to say leggings!

12. Combat boots or Uggs?
Combat boots! I had uggs when I was younger and hated them!

13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
Never tried it to know!

14. Favorite fall TV show?
Riverdale. 100%.

15. What song really gets you into the Winter spirit?
Well I'm assuming it's for Christmas, so I'd have to say Mistletoe and Wine by Cliff Richard!

#BLOGMAS DAY 15; Gift Guide for a Golfer! *VARIOUS PRICE RANGES*

My dad is an avid golfer, yet no one really knows what to get him. And when speaking to other people, people really don't know what to get someone, and when they mention golf, they're stuck on what to get them and how to know if it's even going to be worth it! So I spoke with my dad and jotted a few ideas down, to share with you guys! This post will have a mixture of items ranging from high end to low end, and including some little stocking fillers!

First off we have a indoor putting mat! My dad received one of these for Father's Day off myself, and he was elated as it was exactly what he wanted. My dad says, it's easy to hit the ball 5-10 yards, but the final putting is extremely difficult and needs a lot of practice! An indoor putting mat, allows for a golfer to utilise and practice his putting, while also practicing your putting technique. My dad uses his a lot, and always practices on it before heading out for a game. It's even great for when the kids come around! You can get an official PGA Tour putting mat from Amazon for under 30 pounds!

Next we have clothing! You can surely never go wrong with clothing right? With it being winter, you'd assume people would pack in the golf until the weather got a bit warmer, I can tell you; it's not true. I've been to golf with my dad, purely for the walk or to see what it's like. We've played in rain, sleet, gusts of wind. Weather doesn't stop you in this sport! Which is why I'm highlighting a Under Armour Storm Fleece Sweater. My dad has one like this but in black, and it's aim is to keep him warm in these conditions. He pairs them with golf pants, his golf shoes and a nice wooly hat and scarf. They also come under etiquette guidelines, so perfectly safe to wear into the clubhouse! This particular fleece is £54.99, which is more on the expensive side. 

Under Armour Zinger 1/4 Zip Ladies Sweater

You could also have a look in the women's section for a woman golfer! This Under Armour fleece comes in various colours but this salmon colour really spoke out to me! This fleece retails for £44.99! It can keep you nice and cosy while giving you the flexibility for your swing!

Buy Longridge Golf Washbag Online at

This next gift is a bit of a stocking filler! This is a "golf-bag" wash bag! Perfect for a  golf traveler to put all their little wash things into! This is stocked at John Lewis for £22. Like my dad who likes to travel to different golf courses, it's a quirky little gift!

PGA Tour Sports Balls 6 Pack

What's more useful than getting a golfer some balls he can use? These quirky little golf balls retail at £6.99 which makes for a great present under £10, and 6 balls for £7 is a bargain! These balls can be extremely helpful in various weather settings too, due to their bright and different looks!

Nike Golf Starter Pack

And finally, a gift set! I personally love gift sets myself, so thought best to put one in here!This golf set is a "starter pack" for those people who may want to start getting into golf! This set usually retails for £25 but can also be bought for £9.99 on sale! It includes two golf balls, 4 tees, a towel (which can come in various colours) and a repair tool and ball marker! I think this is great value for money and can make for a great present!

Edit: I'd like to add this blog post was meant to go out on the 15th, but some things came up and I wasn't able to schedule it in time! So it's going up on the 23rd! However it is still technically the 15th blogmas post so I hope you enjoy!

Got any golfers in your family? Which do you think suits them the best?

#BLOGMAS DAY 14; Christmas Would You Rather Tag!

Today's blog post is a rendition of Would You Rather; Christmas Themed! I saw someone share a blog post they did (sadly lost it now!) but I got the questions from Covet Luxe!

Would You Rather Christmas Tag

Eat brussel sprouts or cauliflower cheese?
I LOVE Cauliflower cheese! Sprouts knock me sick just being near me, so Cauliflower is definitely a winner!
Have twinkling lights or still lights?
Still Lights! Twinkling lights make me really unbalanced! If I can see them in the corner of my eye, they annoy me so much!
Eat gingerbread or Ferraro Roche?
I'd have to say gingerbread, as I don't like Ferraro Roche. However we're a terry's chocolate orange house at Christms, so give me some of them!
Open your Xmas presents with only immediate family or with all of your family members?
I open my presents on Christmas morning with just my parents! But obviously if someone has got me a present, I rather open it infront of them!
Cook Xmas dinner for the whole family or don’t eat Xmas dinner at all?
Cook for all! Don't do that to me!
Have a real Xmas tree or a fake Xmas tree?
I would have to say fake. Just because I've never had a real Christmas tree, and all the nettles would probably annoy me!

Use blue, yellow, white or multicoloured lights?
In my room, my little Christmas tree has warm yellow lights, but my fairy lights are white so I don't know! Probably yellow!
Eat mince pies or Xmas cake?
Well I hate mince pies ew! However, M&S have a cake which is named "Christmas Cake" and it's plain madeira with icing on top. I'd op for that rather than traditional christmas cake as a loop hole. If it was traditional, I'd have to say neither!
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Wake up at 6 am or 10 am?
10am! I don't get as excited as I'm getting older! Of course when I have my own kids, I'd get them up super early no matter what!

Drink champagne or hot chocolate?
I don't really rate either, but I'd say hot chocolate.
Eat Heroes or Roses?
Of course Heroes! Roses are disgusting!
Get a puppy for Xmas or a kitten for Xmas?
Puppy duh! If a family member is reading this, hint!
Watch Elf or Home Alone?
Elf. Home Alone is great but Elf is one I can watch multiple times.
Only be able to listen to Xmas songs all year round or never hear a Xmas song again?
I listen/sing Christmas songs in March, so all year round!
Wake up bright and early and get all of the best boxing day sale goodies or stay warm and cosy in bed wearing your new Xmas PJs?
Never really been fond of Boxing Day Sales. I rather wait till the January sales, so definitely stay warm and cosy in bed!

And I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Are you doing these questions? I'd love to see! Leave a link below, or leave me your answers!

#BLOGMAS DAY 13; Gift Guide for Teenage Boys! *UNDER £30*

The hardest people to buy for, are always the men in my family! Girls are so easy! Maybe it's because I'm a girl? But boys always say "I don't know" "Anything" and it's like; just give me an idea! My nephew is 11 years old, and he's at that age where it's a transition from primary school to high school, so gifts need to be extra thought out! But I've always thought I know him pretty well, so I'm making this gift guide to help those who may be super stuck! It is suited to those between 11 and 19, so there will be a variety of different things!

Firstly we have something any boy or man would love (and of course us girls). A voucher! Specifically a gaming voucher. My nephew has asked me this Christmas for a playstation voucher, mainly so he can buy Playstation Plus. This is a "safe" present, especially if you know what console they play on! You can choose different amounts and then they can buy what they want from that online store! Of course, you could do clothes or store vouchers too! This sort of gift fits any age really, so it's a bonus!

"Sir Wash Set" from The Range

Personally you can never go wrong with shower/bath sets for any gender! I remember one year, my boyfriend got over 10 shower sets! Because they're so easy and affordable to buy, and personally you can't have too many! You can get quirky ones (like the one above) or just simple ones from places like Superdrug!

Find me Gift!

Speaking of quirky gifts, why not a light? I have this moon light myself but it's the one that sits there, rather than a USB port one. Everyone needs to be able to see right? And you can attach it straight to your laptop if the teenager is a PC Gamer!

Another cool present would be an experience like a 30 minute Young Driver experience! Virgin have this experience where under 17s can take a cool driving lesson! You can also upgrade it an Audi experience, go-Karting and quad biking! And around Christmas time, there's usually big discounts!

This gift I found super cool, and wish I had a wallet now! A power bank that slides into your wallet! Not only is this super convenient, but how inconvenient is it when your battery runs out in school? or while you're out! Here's a super thin pocket bank, that's also super cool!

And finally, we have the BEST present of it's time, Chocolate! I myself always end up with at least one box of maltesers, because they're just such a good present! My nephew is obsessed with Lindt, and it's always been on my list to get him one of the big Lindt Lindor Chocolate Balls! They're £5.99 in The Range (or £10 in Superdrug?) and they come with 44 truffles! Which is a major bargain! And it makes for a cracking present for those chocolate lovers! If the boy isn't into chocolate, why not a retro candy hamper? That would be just as cool!

Have you got any cool gift ideas for a teenage boy? Leave them below!

#BLOGMAS DAY 12; My 5 Favourite Vlogmas Vloggers!

Have you been watching loads of vlogmas videos as much as me? Well today I'm showing you my top 5! Who have you been watching?

Soph is one of my fave bloggers! Her vlogmas posts are super cute! And she's so honest and is never afraid to hide things!

Jazzybum is so different! She doesn't stick to the stereotype videos, and always uploads them the same day!

Emma keeps her vlogs on the same main channel, and highlights her general love for vlogging. She also manages to do normal videos alongside them!

Sophie does my favourite vlogs! Instead of doing one per day, she does multiple days in one video! And sometimes it's nicer to watch!

Floral Princess (Anastasia)

Anastasia is someone I've followed in the blogging community since I started myself! I love watching her videos, and it's nice to grow along the side of another blogger!

Who have you been watching this Vlogmas?


Disclaimer: Some of these pictures are from Pixabay which is a free picture service (meaning you can redistribute these pictures without a licence). I will state which pictures are mine if uses.

Everyone loves a good gift guide right? Well are you dating a blogger? Is your child a blogger? Well here are my top gifts for someone who vlogs or blogs! I actually haven't seen anyone doing this, but if you have done it, please let me know below!

Taken by me - A 2018 Diary.

Firstly, something any blogger needs is a planner, at least I think! I constantly have ideas flowing through my mind, and I always love to write them down and plan them out! Of course many people use their phone's notes, but I feel like a notebook or planner can help you plan them out (duh) more easier? I personally use a Slytherin notebook from Primark, but there are many planners that are suitable!

Next is more an expensive product, but it's usually worth it if you can! A camera! I personally use my phone for most pictures, but have a camera for if I'm on my travels! A camera is a must have, and it doesn't need to break the bank either! I actually have a Polaroid camera, which cost me 26 pounds! And I've used it a few times, and it makes for the best memories!

Something you can get a blogger is something they can review! I wanted to leave this open to suit any blogger so didn't choose a specific product. But if you know the person loves makeup, get them a makeup product like an eyeshadow! They can easily review the product. If they're a fashion blogger (of course, do some snooping) you can get them a nice watch or jacket. The more things you can get them that are new and could do a good review or anything on, the better!

Next is something also super easy and you can pop on to Etsy and get, is a blogger domain/theme! If they're a written blogger like me, your own domain is amazing, and has so many benefits in this world! There are many on places like GoDaddy, Name Cheap etc! And in regards to themes, there are a lot of free ones, but buying your own can seriously be so unique and add your own little sparkles into it too! Or instead of a domain or theme, you can buy them a header! I got mine from another blogger called Dork Face. She's an amazing artist, and she doesn't just design one, she'll design multiple for you to mix it up a bit! She's very kind too and it's all designed to that person! So I'm sure she can do something!

(Picture taken by me - Fairy Lights & Christmas Bunting)

Another "blogger" object are fairy lights! They are an essential part of being a blogger (of course not having them doesn't make you any less of a blogger!). I personally love my fairy lights, and mine are "decorative" ones. They have litte flower detachable heads and I can switch them around, take them off and their lights are very warm and go well with my desk decor! They are great for in pictures, and definitely great decorations! I got mine as a birthday present from my parents to go with my desk, and I can't imagine it without them!

And that's all I have to suggest in this short gift guide! Do you have any suggestions as a blogger? I tried to keep it as "gender neutral" as possible, as I didn't state a gender, and any of these gifts can be gifted to any blogger!

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See all my blogmas posts here!

#BLOGMAS DAY 10; My Ideal Christmas!

Although I consider my Christmas to be perfect for what it is, there's always a sense of wanting it bigger or even better; somewhere nice! I see people experiencing these sort of Christmases, and always hope one day I'll experience it myself one year! This blog post is what my ideal Christmas would be if it was possible!

Every year, it's me, Mum, Dad, Grandad, Sister, Niece and Nephew. It has been for the last 3 years! There was a time where it was the WHOLE family! Aunts, Uncles, cousins etc! Whether it was at our house when I was under 5, or at our local pub when I was 9/10! It was always the whole family together. Sadly, as I got older, our Christmas day got smaller, but I was perfectly fine with that! However I wish we could go back to big Family Christmases! Maybe just adding my brother and my other two nephews on, but it would be so perfect!

Image result for new york Christmas
Taken from: Travel Channel.

New York.
As a gossip girl fanatic, New York is my dream destination, whether Christmas or not! Shopping, Tourist Attractions, it has A LOT I want to see. But New York has always been dear to me, and it's due to the Christmas I've always seen it have! The snow in particular! I LOVE Snow. I hate the aftermath of ice, but the feeling of seeing snow outside my window, makes it feel like a true Christmas. Of course, Snow comes with it's downfalls, which New York experience (black outs, unable to go to Work, being snowed in). And then there's the ball dropping at New Years! Which I've always wanted to see in person! It's always been a dream to experience Christmas in the big apple! And hopefully one day I will!

Christmas Sing Alongs.
I don't know if this is because of Glee, or romantic films I've watched. But I always imagined when I moved out, and had kids, we would have this massive Ebony piano, where myself and my husband would play and sing Christmas songs, for the children. Yes, it sounds so cliche, but that's what my ideal Christmas would be. I love to sing, I'm not a professional or consider myself the next Adele, but I think I can sing quite well. My boyfriend can sing too! Always being referenced as Frank Sinatra, with the raspy jazzy tone he has. We'd be like Doris Day and Frank Sinatra in "Young at Heart"! My dream Christmas would be to get the guitar out, or piano and sing some Christmas songs together by a fire. Maybe that's too idealistic? But it's something I hope for with my children in the future.

This blog post was a little short, but this is mainly due to the fact; there isn't much I would change with my Christmas. I still spend the festive season with the people I love and care for, I am grateful for anything I get or the fact I can spend time with my family. And the things I would change, are easy (or somehow will happen) that I don't need them right now!

What would your ideal Christmas be? Would you change anything about yours now? Leave a comment below!

#BLOGMAS DAY 9; Christmas "Spoonie" Day Makeup Look 1!

Todays post is back to the Beauty side of my blog! I will be showing one of my first ever makeup looks rather than in a palette review (although it was the first time I used this palette.) Also, a quick note; I am in no way a MUA or someone who sees themself as good at makeup. My makeup is always simple, and I am always improving. This Christmas look is more aimed at people like myself (with Chronic Illnesses) who may want to look glam this Christmas, while not putting in loads of effort!
For this look, I used the new Beauty Glazed "Sunset" Palette, which I will be reviewing very shortly! This palette is filled with very warm tones which may be more suited for Autumn however, I took this palette and created a look I would wear on Christmas, with warm tones.

Firstly I put on my primer (Makeup Revolution Pro Base), with the NARS All Day foundation. I then went on to do my eyebrows using the Freedom Pro Brow Pomade (Dark Brown). I used the MUA Concealer to carve out my brows (or at least tried to, while I'm letting them grow out) and then used the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as eyeshadow primer. 

(Before Blend)

I then used the shade "Pumpkin" as a transition shade. I then went over it with "Cinnamond" which is a little more of a browner tone. Then on the outer corners I took "Volcano| and mixed it with "Mocha". Once blending that in about half way on my eye lid, I took the MUA concealer, and created a cut crease. After letting this dry, I wet my brush, and took a large amount of "24K" and put it on the concealer. I then took "Mocha" again and blended the middle.

I then went back to "Pumpkin" and redit the transition colour very lightly over the top.
Final Look!

I then took the shade "Pearl" which is a blinding shade, and used that in the corner of my eyes, and then taking the shade "Rose" and "Mermaid" on the water line. On Christmas Day I tend not to wear lashes, just because I love volumised lashes yet I want to wear my glasses so I took my Makeup Revolution mascaras (Amazing Volume & Awesome Lash) and do a few layers to volumise my lashes! Then it's back over to the face!

Looking pale and bloating, while still feeling glamorous!

I redo my concealer under my eye, pairing it with the Makeup Revolution "Star Light" Elixir, to give it a little glow and foundation for my main highlighter. For blush, I use the Primark Blush in Pearl and then for highlighter I took the Pink toned highlighter from the MUR "Soph" Palette! And a finishing Christmas touch is the lips, using the MUA Lip Lacquer in Reckless!

With this look I was going for glam, while keeping festive and autumnal. I am in no way a professional at makeup, so I always try to keep it to 3/4 shades on the eyes, and use light coverage foundation. This is a look I'd recommend to any spoonie this Christmas, looking glam and hopefully restoring some spoons for the big Christmas dinner later on! On this particular day, I had a massive chronic pelvic pain flare, alongside some anemia low moods. Yet, looking at pictures and getting this look together, I started to feel a little better in myself.

If you recreate this look, I would love to see! And I'm sure many can do it 10 times better! 

#BLOGMAS DAY 8; Christmas Stationery!

This blog post goes out to all my stationery addicts out there! If you're like me (a bullet journalist, a person who likes to write or generally look at makeup) this blog post is for you! This blog post will focus on all my favourite Christmas stationery finds!

Disclaimer: This post features a lot of stationery found via AliExpress. Although I am in talks with a few brands from that website, this blog post is in no way endorsed by themselves and all opinions and options were chosen by me.

Firstly we have these super cute and quirky Snowmen pens (although, I see more elves due to the hats?) which are from Ebay! I got a set of four and they come in several different colours (Red, Blue, Purple and Black!) One of my biggest pet peeves is blue ink (In exams, you have to write in black officially, so it was brainwashed into my head never to use blue ink again), and sadly these write in blue. However they're simple ballpoint pens with a fun Christmas twist!

Left to Right; Gold Washi (Ebay), Green Washi (B+M), Red Washi (B+M), Green Trees Washi (AliExpress)
Next is one of my FAVOURITE items. Washi Tape! Now, if you don't know what Washi Tape is, let me explain. Basically Washi Tape is pretty tape? It can be used to decorate, or used as you'd use normal cello tape, or you can use it to sit in a box and look nice, like I do! Above you can see my Christmas themed washi tape, and my ultimate favourite is the Snowman Washi tape from AliExpress! They are so cute, and very collectible! And for what you pay for it, you get a lot of product!

How adorable are these stickers though!? For my birthday, my best friend Becca got me these stickers, and I adore them! I believe they're from Tesco? You get them in separate packs. The Christmas trees are glitter so that's really exciting, and they're flat; so they go great in a Bullet Journal. The other various stickers are "bubbly" meaning they can imprint on pages, however they're great for little space fillers!

And then we have more stickers! These stickers I also purchased from AliExpress! They come in a pack of 46 and have various uses. They can go straight onto presents, or put in as little box treats! I personally have used these stickers in the corner of each of my December weeklies, as a little reminder that Christmas is SO close!

Finally, we have Printables! As you can see by the name, Printables are "stickers" you can print out and stick into your planner or bullet journal! Many people such as Everything Etsy create these pages for us to simply print out! You can buy special ones or find ones for free like these ones! They're affordable, and easily transfer onto sticker paper (or normal paper, if you like a bit of cut and glue!)

Do you have any stationery you've found and loved that's Christmas themed? Leave a comment below!