New Years Resolutions - 2017

2016, what a mess. Am I right?  

This time last year, everything was crumbling around me. My health, grades, the social ladder. I wasn't Amy-Lou anymore, I was just that bundle of bones laying in a burrito position in my duvet. But I'm not going to let 2017 be the same and have composed my own checklist for 2017. And even if I just complete half of the list, even one, I'll be so proud of myself for at least doing something.

What I wish to achieve in 2017:
- Get back to my dream weight.
- Gain my A-Levels above a C.
- Become more social and meet friends.
- Get a weekend job/job to go into when I leave college.
- Start mine and Danny's future properly (i.e move out, save money)
- Start treatment, get my second surgery sorted.
- Read more.
- Finish my first bullet journal.
- Perfect my 8 hours sleeping pattern.
- Blog more.
- Forget 2016.
- Be Happy
- Go see The Impractical Jokers live (maybe this is a life goal...)
- Go to a concert/play.

So these are it so far. But I might update them generally, or just add them into my bullet journal to edit. But is there something you wish you could of done in 2016 but couldn't? 2016 was a dreadful year, and I've found it was for the majority. But don't let 2017 be one. It is my final year as a teenager and I won't let it be ruined.


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