DE'LANCI Putty and Shimmer Palette Review!

I was given this product as part of a giveaway and product review team through my own accord work with DELANCI'. Although the product was won, all opinions in this review are of my own, and not influenced by this company.

De'lanci 'is a makeup company that I have come to adore. Not only do their products come from the same factories as Morphe, the pigmentation and quality for money is fabulous! I was lucky to win their new products pre-release, and after having it for a while, decided it finally deserves it's recognition! 

The photos taken, were created and edited by myself. These are for personal use by Chronically Royal. If you wish to use, please ensure credit is given.

The Putty and Shimmer palette was first released at the beginning of July! Personally I have never seen a palette like it! (If you know of any other putty eye shadows, it would be great to know!) I received this palette the middle of June, and sadly decided to lock it away for when I was in the mood to play around with it! The beginning of August, I decided it was time to whip this gorgeous palette out, and give it a go! So my first impressions of the palette were pretty simple, it's pretty, lots of matching colours and soft to the touch! But after a few months, did my impression change?

(Please excuse my editing, i'm still learning! :))

Pigmentation and Use; So, my first thought when trying the eye shadow, was with it being putty, how does it work? Well, being quite stupid, it works just the way any eyeshadow works! Nothing feels different! I made the mistake of thinking, with them being putty I'd need to really get my brush in there, when really they gave great pigment with a light touch! The pigmentation of the colours is fabulous! Although the lighter colours such as the pink and white needed doubling up, the other colours went on really good!

Price; The price of the palette stands at £21 (on Amazon with Free UK Delivery!) which is quite reasonable for the palette you are getting! Putty type eye shadows are very rare (I think?) and when you're getting 16 shimmer colours for everyday use, alongside good quality, it would be 100% worth it. Especially when DE'LANCI do price match with other familiar brands, and constant sales, you cannot go wrong!

Packaging; The eye shadow comes in 5 by 5 palette, with an abstract pattern. I personally love the packaging! It's not only lightweight, with good sized pans of eye shadow, it's easy to pop it in my bag for an on the go top up! It's very pretty and stylish compared to many brands who may have simple packaging!

When would you use this product?
The colours in this palette are my everyday tones! With my skin type and eye colour, I tend to cling to fall types such as burgundy and light pinks! This palette has allowed me to not only stick to my staple colours, but try them mixed with other colours such as gold and browns. 

Would I recommend this product?
Oh do you need to ask? 100%! Not only is it a good price, pretty packaging and gosh look at the colours? You could probably use these colours in any season (I prefer them for Fall but you could incorporate some colours into Winter and Summer!), and they are my everyday colours! If you're looking for a worthy brand with good products/dupes I recommend not only this product, but DE'LANCI as a staple brand!

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