OCTOBER Favourites!

October is nearly over, but for me that's a plus! November has always been my favourite month, and why? Well it's my birthday Month, and I am so excited to turn 20! But this month has been amazing for products! And it's also been a month that I feel a lot has changed for me, one being improving my makeup skills. This post is being used to showcase some of my favourite products, that I've used this October!

Note; If you see a product you'd like a full review on, let me know in the comment section!

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour - Fire Starter

You can never go wrong with a liquid lip! Or so I thought you could! I have tried some popular matte liquid lipsticks such as Jeffree Star, Sleek, Primark. But when this matte liquid lipstick came out. Oh my god! I saw the advertisement with the twins who showed how it was kiss proof, drink proof etc, and I just needed to try it! Rimmel has been a brand I've had trust in, since I started using makeup at 12, and even my mum only trusts Rimmel as a good brand (alongside Clinique but hey). 

The liquid lip dries matte and nicely, and compared to Jeffree Star is not suffocating, and allows my lips to breathe. It is transfer proof, and lasts all day! I can't wait to try more colours!

SEVENTEEN Define and Conquer Contour Kit!

I am not a big one for contouring. Having a round face and not being the best at makeup, I never really tried, or found it extremely hard to blend. Receiving this for Christmas last year, I decided this month to fork it out! Well, no regrets! 

Including 2 powders, an illuminating powder and a contour powder, I was excited to try! The product is extremely light while pigmented. You can literally put your brush in the product and get it full of product. It's so easy to blend, and I'm seriously impressed. Seventeen is a brand that is very under-rated and the prices are semi-affordable. The one downside is the illuminating powder..isn't very illuminating? It feels more like a matte powder to put over foundation as it doesn't have a glow, but still very pigmented.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Fair 1

 This is my first FAVOURITE product, that is actually running out and I'm so sad. The lasting perfection concealer is an actual god-send, and how I went through my teenage years without I don't know! I only started using this concealer in September, and the coverage is AMAZING. I do wish Fair 1 was a little lighter, and sometimes I feel it oxodises into an orangey tone, but on a good day, it's super great and I am definitely going to repurchase.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette [Cream]

Makeup Revolution never cease to amaze me. Their products are flawless, and make the most epic drugstore brand out there. This corrector palette allows me to hide my blemishes and flaws the minute I pat them on. As you can see from the picture, it can get slightly messy due to it being cream, but the products are very pigmented. I put the creams on under my foundation, except for the highlighter balm which I sometimes put under my concealer to give it an illuminating feel. However with corrector palettes, I wish they included an insert on what colours to use where, as I constantly forget, and have to give it a google!

Soph X Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

You can read my full review of this product here. So, the Soph X palette is my go to palette. As I said, Makeup Revolution constantly up their game, and this collab with SophDoesNails (if you don't watch her videos, you need to) is amazing. The palette is everything I LOVE and more. The colours are suited to nice Autumnal looks, which helps this October, and the colour names are just as cute!

Primark High Pigment Blush - Desire.

My biggest endeavour, is finding a pale enough blush to not make me look like a clown. When I was younger, I used to wear a ton of blush. I would cake my face in it, and here's the reason why. Being a sickly child, I never had any pigment or colour in my face, and I didn't know what bronzer even was, so I would wear a lot of blush (and also told people I was constantly boiling..) to hide the fact I was pale and sick. But I would wear Clinique's coral peach blush, and looking back, I looked like a clown. So I decided to go on a journey to find a nice blush, that compliments my skin.

People seem to underestimate Primark makeup, but it's so affordable and great, why would you? I saw this blush while there, and thought it has a great subtle pink colour, and looks like it would be perfect for me. And it is! It's high pigmented (DUH!) but it's also blendable, and you literally need the tiniest dip of the brush to get product. The fallout is high, but if it's high pigment, what do you expect?

So these are my October favourites. And it's my birthday next month, so I'll hopefully get some top ups of my favourites. If you have any recommended products, leave them below! Or if you want a full review of any of these products, just ask below!


Back in June, I was referred to see a neurologist for my chronic migraines. I had been under an ENT, Audiologist and all sorts to decipher what was causing these horrible headaches. Chronic Migraines is no stranger to my family, with my nan having it, my mum and her twin sister too. I would suffer with at least one migraine everyday. My medication included codeine, amitriptyline and sleep.

The summary of that appointment? Figure out my triggers! My neurologist states my triggers were likely caffeine, codeine and stress. Who would of known? I said, as just finishing a bottle of Pepsi Max. This blog post is in no way, shape or form encouraging those who suffer with migraines or headaches to do a detox, as everyone's triggers are different. But to show, that I figured out my main triggers, and did something about them instead.

The solution according to my neuro, was to detox. Take 4 months away from anything that had caffeine in (or if it could not be avoided, to decrease/try something with low caffeine levels), and codeine. The "stress" part, was to be handled by a neuropsychologist, which at this moment in time, is probably the best referral I've ever had. But we'll save that for another post.

On average, I would drink at least one 500ml bottle of Pepsi Max a day. Could I drink more if I had more? Yes. I've even drank a full 2L bottle in one sitting. Why? Favouritism. I've never liked water, specifically because I felt generally sick after drinking it, and other fizzy drinks never appealed to me in the way a Pepsi Max/Diet Coke would. I would also "swig" about 3-4 cups of teas a day. I could of easily switched to decaf, having the tea bags there, but it never felt the same. Codeine was my main source of painkiller, and was always prescribed. Paracetamol never worked for me unless it came in Co-Codamol. Codeine was always strong enough to numb my pain, but it got to the point where I was dependent on it, when there were other options available I had never tried.

So starting in June, I started my detox. I switched from normal tea bags, to decaf (Thankyou Asda, for making cheap but actually nicer than Tetley, Decaf Tea Bags!), and I started drinking Sprite or Flavoured Water instead. Of course, drinking normal water would of been better, but I had to start somewhere. Even the odd caffeine free diet pepsi, but thought best to stay away from any Pepsi type drinks.

Starting was hard. The neurologist told my parents, I will experience rebound headaches and irritability will be high. Suffering from Permanent Hormone Imbalance, I simply thought "They know my mood swings are bad". Maybe they got worse this time? 100%. I felt twitchy, and annoyed at everything. I suffered with more headaches, developing into migraines. I felt more depressed, and urged for a normal cup of tea. Nights out were hard too. A quiet drink in a pub would be me sitting swirling my lemonade and whiskey, wishing it was pepsi instead. This may sound exaggerated, but no one realises how much a person can depend on caffeine in their diet, unless they fully get rid of it. I swear I was trying!

Further into the detox, I started to get a hang of things, and let myself relax a bit more. Decaf Tea bags weren't so bad anymore, and I experimented more with different drinks. I had NEVER liked Milkshakes. They always tasted like off milk to me, or were lumpy. Until one weekend my boyfriend made them from scratch for me. Oh my words, amazing! (See picture above.) I also started just being chill if I did "cheat". On a night out, I would buy myself one coke+Vodka. I knew I shouldn't,but going completly cold turkey was hard, and I knew if I had one, I wouldnt for the next few months. 

Getting codeine out was easier than I thought. I started using the mefenamic acid I was prescribed. Although prescribed for period pains, my doctor confirmed it's ibruprofen based, so if I get any pains to give it a go and see what happens. I also started taking my amitriptyline (prescribed over a year ago) regularly again, lowering my dose to 50mg from 75mg. 50mg seemed just about right. I took it when I got a migraine rather than before bed. It worked much better, and although it would completly knock me out, I felt I had more of a life being awake without one.

I also attendeed my first neuropsychologist appointment. I was so scared and anxious the night before, the migraine was horrendous, but I went in with open arms, and glad I did. My NeuroPsych was lovely. She invited me in, and told me how in control of these appointments I am. After discussing my worries, woes and interests, we put it down to Generalised Anxiety Disorder, alongside some Social Anxiety aspects. CBT was agreed on, and after that appointment I felt much more relaxed. I felt happy with myself for being open about everything, which I barely am. I'm also looking forward to CBT, as councelling in the past never helped.

After 4 months of this DETOX, I finally saw my Neuro again on the 16th of October. This time, I went by myself, which was a massive anxiety step for me, as I never attend appointments alone. I was happy with how far I came. I was having only TWO migraines a week now. Although they were pretty bad, and would mean spending days in bed, and low moods, it was much better than one every single day. My sleep was getting a little better too. My anxiety was still quite high and the odd migraine would slip in, but I knew how to control them, and it was actually nice for once. I've started gaining my life back, I want to go outside, I want to see my friends AND I feel like I'm finally growing as a person too.

Why did I write this blog post? Well it for sure was not to tell people to detox. There are so many posts aimed at those with chronic illnesses like "I did this, this is why you should too." And that is not me. This is my experience with ridding myself of caffeine and detox. And sure, it was great personally for me, but for someone else it may not be. The aim of this post was to write about overcoming my migraine triggers. Which is what I want you to do! So many people believe they are stuck with debilitating migraines for life. And while it's true we cannot cure chronic migraines (if one more person says we can, I swear...), we can act against them. We can make them only 10% of who we are, rather than the 90% they can be.

My advice for anyone who suffers with a headache/migraine condition. Don't let it win! Try everything to make them the smallest part of you. As these conditions do not define the person you are underneath. And don't let them take all your spoons from you!

Soph X Revolution Highlighter Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

I bought this product from Makeup Revolution at Tam Beauty. All opinions in this review are of my own, and not influenced by this company.

Long awaited (well only 3 days), the Soph highlighter palette is up! And here for you to read! Of course the Soph X Eyeshadow palette (read my review here.) beat expectations, but does the highlight palette match the same?

Packaging; Just like the eye shadow, the highlighters are encased in a nude/beige case, which is PERFECT! I'm sorry but I am just loving this packaging! It's not only modern, but suits any aesthetic!

It's perfect to slip into any bag, for the top ups on the go! However, you would have to accompany a mirror with this so could never take it on it's own. But I'm sure not many let it leave it's eyeshadow sister's side!

Product; Many would look at this palette and see it as a possible dupe for the Sleek Solstice palette. Well I can tell you, it's not. They look similar but once you swatch or see it in natural light, you can tell it one of Soph's individual designs and the Makeup Revolution formula! The highlights are SO pigmented. My favourite being the one on the darker end (top right). Although it looks dark in the pan, it goes on as a gold subtle shimmer, and gives a lovely look! Alongside the white toned (top left) which looks bright, but gives a duo-chrome gold type shimmer. There are only two shades I would likely never wear in this palette (the middle two brown colours) unless I wanted a sparkly contour! The colours are great and go on nicely!

The feel of the highlighters is soft, which with many can feel chalky but these sweep nicely when swatched or with a brush. You only need the slightest bit of product to get a good glow, and with two creates a gleam on your face! With there being large pans, this means you get worthwhile out of this palette!

Top Row to Bottom Row.
Price; The price for this highlighter palette is £8. Yes, EIGHT POUND. With £1 per shadow! The size of the pans certaintly makes it worth it.

Would I recommend this palette? And to who?
Of course I would! The price makes it affordable, and for 8 shades would you say no? I would recommend this to any skin type/tone too, as many of the colours can suit any which is fab! I would also recommend buying the eyeshadow palette alongside it, as they go so nicely together!

Where to buy?
Superdrug or Tam Beauty.

Soph X Revolution Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

I bought this product from Makeup Revolution at Tam Beauty. All opinions in this review are of my own, and not influenced by this company.

If you haven't bought this palette, you NEED to. That's it, end of discussion and the end of this blog post...Just kidding! The Soph X palette is every pale skin, youtube lover girl's dream. The minute I knew this palette was coming out, I rushed over to Tam Beauty to buy it, and excited to review!
Starting with the eyeshadow palette (keep your eyes peeled for the highlighter palette), it's truly beautiful. SophDoesNails is an amazing youtuber. Her makeup and nails skills are amazing, and she has to be one of the most down to earth youtubers I happen to watch (which isn't many!) but even so, was it all I hoped for?
Fun Fact! The palette was meant to be "Soph X Revolution" but the designer mistaken the X as a kiss! Thankfully this design is cute too!

Packaging; Look at it! The packaging is a beige/cream colour, with Soph X in Rose gold. It suits Soph's aesthetic to a T, and compared to other collab palettes, is extremely pretty. Every blogger knows, a mirror in a palette is a MASSIVE success, highlighting Soph really thought this through. The palette can be taken on the go at a reasonable size, a mirror and many colours to touch up.

Product; Makeup Revolution never fail to get a perfect formula for palettes. Of course, there are some I can't like from Tam Beauty, but MUR seems to always be right for me. The colours are not only beautiful, but well matched. It comes with 10 shimmer shades, and 14 matte shades. There are so many looks you can create with these colours! Personally, it feels like an Autumnal palette, and I would find it hard to transition this palette into Spring or Summer, but I love a good warm eye look!

Favourite Shades; Strawberry Sweets, Copper Coin, Sparks Fly, Penguin, Grow Old, Cloudberry, Peaches, Tiramisu

The pigmentation is great, feeling soft and easy to blend. The shimmer shades too, meaning I don't need to wet the brush to bring more of the shimmer out! There are so many colours that can come together to create looks, and highlight what Soph was going for and indicate she had a massive part in the production of the palette.
[I am no MUA] This look I went for a simple autumnal grunge look, using colours such as Danger, Peaches, Cloudberry and Iced Coffee
More subtle sunrise look; Using Pumpkin, Sparks Fly and Cuppa Tea

Price; The price of this palette is £10 meaning Soph kept to the MUR price range, which for many is un-real! In comparison to Morphe, who's palettes range from £20-23, they just released a collab with Jacqueline Hill at £37! Ridiculous! Although MUR is a drugstore staple, Soph could of went for a higher price value due to it being a collab (and who wouldn't buy it anyways?), but they kept it at an affordable price, and that's what makes me love this collab even more!

Recommend; I would recommend this to anyone who loves some warm tones or a good palette! It could also be a great palette for anyone who wants to experiment with colours, or wants to perfect their blending technique. These colours are so blendable I am shooketh!

Where can you buy? You can buy this palette alongside her highlighter palette (Review coming soon!) from Superdrug and Tam Beauty!

PR Enquiries; Email.

September Rose - ENVY Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

I bought this product working in a partnership with September Rose. All opinions in this review are of my own, and not influenced by this company.

Thankyou to September Rose for bringing out such a beautiful palette! Known for creating palettes similiar to that of Morphe, Crown, and many more! September Rose have put their own stamp on these rumours, creating different palettes and taking over many people's words! The reason I bought this ENVY palette, is for the beautiful look of it. Already having their Neutral Fall palette, I was excited to try a different one!

Packaging; The packaging of the product is very simple, possibly cheap? It's plastic which for someone clumsy like me, it seems like if I dropped it, it would possibly snap! However, I personally enjoyed the see through screen being able to see the colours through, making it easier for prettier pictures!

However, something that I really wish they included was the ingredients, as the back of the palette is very plain, and could add there. Of course you can see the ingredients on their website, many brands include them on the back of the products, and I believe it could of been beneficial!

My fave shades!

Product; The product it's self is well worth the money! You get 35 shadows, a mixture of matte, high pear and shimmer! There is a good range of green, browns and orange which all match to suit each other including two pale base colours. The way the colours are set out could be better, as I would prefer the oranges to be in rows along the greens, but this may be strategic to putting looks together?

The eye shadows feel very good quality, and the pigmentation is brilliant, only needing a slight sweep of the brush to take colour. 

The only downside, is the colours take a lot of strength to blend and feel stiff, which can really hurt! For me personally, I stick to the orange tones, due to having green eyes, the green shades seem to wash my out.

FYI; I am not a MUA. Eyeshadow is NOT my forte! 

Compared to this, they are very pigmented without primer, with the lighter shades being able to be used as a base. 

I also wish the palette came with an insert, or one to download as with it being such a pretty palette I wish it had pretty names for the colours!

Price; The price of this product is £14.99, which you can't resist for the product you get! However I wish it had a mirror, as there are a lot of similiar palettes that may cost less with one. It also makes it awkward to take out with you due to no mirror. However, you can't fault the price! And compared to it's competitors, you can't fault it at the end of the day.

Would I recommend this palette? 100%! I would recommend any palette from September Rose. The pigmentation is great, you get good quality for a decent price and their pros outweigh their cons! If you're looking for some autumnal greens and burnt oranges, get this palette!

PR Enquires; Email.

Products I hate!

*This review is using products that I myself bought, and of my own views. This is not slating any particular brands, and doesn't mean I do not buy further products from these companies, that I love! I also write these blogs as a running commentary. If you would like to donate to me getting a good camera to vlog, please donate here

Inspired by the wonderful SophDoesNails, i decided to do a blog post about products I hate, or probably couldn't rate out of 10 stars, if asked! I thought it would be fun to highlight the products that are in the shoe box for "selling/throw away" in my room, that just never suited me or weren't all that great for the hype.

MUA Luxe Power Brow 3 In 1 Brow Definer - Fair

I bought this brow pencil, with the HOPE it would be great. At the time, I was going through this "pencil" brow phase and I didn't really want to try a pomade (I had Anastasia Dip Brow as a present, I don't know why I didn't try it...until  now?). With having Fair hair, I went with the Fair colour, although my Superdrug had none for me to check the colour, I predicted it would be best!

Opening the product, it was a 3 in 1 (yes, I didn't know! Yikes!) and it comes with the pencil product, a brush and a...smudger? Personally the colour was more Ash Grey than for Fair hair. I was expecting something more warm or closer to a mousy colour, which would of been perfect. The brush is very hard, and physically hurt to put through my eyebrow hairs, and I didn't quite understand the smudger? And it didn't work either.

This product was £4, which is fair for getting a 3 in 1. However, with Freedom's Pomade being £5, I would much rather pay the extra £1 for that instead. 

Overall, the product didn't satisfy me, and I decided to give pomade a go. If anything, thankyou to this product for showing me how good a pomade can be!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics - Lipgloss Bundle. (Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend + Carousel)

I got these lip glosses as a Christmas present, and was so excited! I never really watched Tanya on Youtube, but loved her on Instagram, and these two glosses looked ideal for me at the time. At first glance, the pink one was perfect. I was going through a pink element, and sometimes I will! However, I grown to throw them in my "box of horrors".

Product wise, the glosses are too...tacky for me? Right word? As any gloss is sticky and not meant to sit nicely on lips, these glosses were too sticky. I felt uncomfortable wearing them. But, this was the only issue with them I could find when wearing them. The colours are nice, and especially on the top of a lipstick. In the end, I just grew to love other products, and the formula was not right for me and the colours! 

Edit: While writing this I saw that Tanya had re-edited her lip glosses, along with the formula, so I may have to compare! 

Clinique Eyeshadows!

Everyone will know how much I admire and promote Clinique. The brand that got me through my teen years, never reaching that acne phase due to their skincare. But that seems to be the only thing I like about their brand. (Minus their mascara, which is pretty good.) Not only the fact that they have only 3 shades in their Airbrush concealer (shocking!), but their eyeshadows have let me down! I started exploring eyeshadows when I was 16, as I was never adventurous in high school. My mum passed me some Clinique eyeshadows she had never worn, and I was excited. Yet so let down. 

The packaging is nothing special coming with 3 eyeshadows/4 eyeshadows in their series and a brush, but fits the Clinique branding of "clean", "white", "pure" etc. The pigmentation was very disappointing. It is not stated anywhere, that these eyeshadows were to be built up, and the pigmentation isn't very good nor blendable.

The price can range between £25-£35 for these palettes, and I cannot believe the money could of been spent on one full palette, compared to 4 little ones. Although Clinique does brilliant lotion and toner, the makeup is lacking.

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner - Black 1.

The Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner is a Staple for many. Seeing many people suggest this as not only cheap but a quality eyeliner, disappointed me. Standing at £2.99, for an eyeliner anyone would go crazy for a good makeup product at that price. Collection have many good things ranging from mascara, lipsticks and their famous lasting perfection concealer. But this eyeliner is a no-go for me!

The product's packaging, is completely weird, and for me, hard to use. The wand is very bulky, and hard to hold. It is too long with the actual useful bit being covered by a rounded ending, making it hard to see where you're drawing and what not. The product it's self, is too fast drying. Maybe this is why it's called Fast Stroke, as you have to get it on as a fast as you can before it dries. Not great for a winged eyeliner that may take someone (like myself) a while to get that perfect wing! Personally for me, it's staying in the box of horrors!

New Look Eyelashes - Extreme Impact

Finally, I am a sucker for big eyelashes! Although having hooded eyes can really affect how I wear my glasses with them on, I just can't help loving the feel of extra long lashes! These, on the other hand disappointed me.

Not only do they feel very fake, but they just didn't sit well on me. Any pair of lashes takes me a good 10-20 minutes to put on perfectly after cutting, sizing and crying! But these did not like me at all. After an hour of trying a pair, I gave up in a bout of frustration and decided I hate these lashes. My duo glue is perfect, don't judge it!

The price of these lashes are £3.14 (for a student), and comes with 2 pairs, which for the price is great! But these lashes can stay in the box...I'll stick to Wispies!

I could go on, but I think there's quite a lot of products sitting in my box I could go through! So these products are the ones I personally won't go back to. I can't say the same for the brands, because they do have some fabulous products! If you like these products at all, or want to tell me your least favourites, I'd love to know!

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