BIRTHDAY HAUL! Oh my gosh, I'm no longer a teen!

On the 24th of November, I turned 20 years old! I am no longer a teenager and it's so sad yet so exciting. It's weird, as I feel like once you hit 20, you age more? But I still look like an 11 year old! So this blog post is just a collection of all the stuff I received for my birthday! If you find this interesting, keep reading!

My main gift was this beautiful desk off my parents! The desk is part of the MICKE collection from Ikea. It is a corner desk, and I actually went to Ikea and had a look at it, and even when it was delivered, I didn't realise how big it is! It's my most favourite thing I've ever got, and I am so so greatful to have one! It's also made for some great flatlays and pictures for the blog! It also makes for a better space for me to go on my laptop and to have a chilled space!

Furthermore my parents got me some cute floral fairy lights to go round the desk! Which I also love!

Another big present I got was this Nintendo 2DS XL from my boyfriend! I am a massive animal crossing nerd, and always played on my nintendo DS'. For my boyfriend to get me this, I was massively happy (even had a little cry.) as I couldn't believe he'd spend that much on me! It's the newest orange one, and it's the one I've talked about alot! The graphics are amazing, and even though it's quite big (obviously) for my little hands, I really love it!

Another present Danny got me is this cute little Moon Light! As I knew I was getting my desk, I asked for mainly some desk decorations, and this light is super cute! It holds a lot of light, and looks cute on my shelf! Danny also got me a speech bubble light but i have yet to set it up!

The next few bits of presents were from one of my closest friends Becca! She sent me a little package with some of the cutest things ever! One of my favourite things is the bath bomb she bought for me! She got one for herself, and when she saw I liked it, sent me one! I was so happy and greatful, as she didn't have to send me anything atall!

The bath bomb had a cute Chip keyring inside, which comes out when you drop it in the bath! I'm yet to try it, but it smell amazing! Some more presents included some cute christmas socks, and some stationery! And you can't go wrong with stationery!

She also got me these cute little hanging things (forgive me, I'm not good with words! 😂) and they are SO ADORABLE. The "good vibes only" one not only matches my desk, but Becca is someone I can always rely on to help me if I need someone, and she always reminds me to stay positive! The cute little Me&You hanger is sitting on my little christmassy tree right now!

My desk set up!

Moreover, I got some vouchers from my brother and sister (alongside some food goodies). The vouchers are for makeup, so I'm excited to go have a look and see what catches my eye! Alongside a brand (MAANGE) sending me a 10 piece set of brushes as a little birthday gift, which I am so thankful for!

I am eternally greatful for everything I received for my birthday! With turning 20, I was not expecting anything, and with some horrible events, just wanted to be left alone. But I am so happy with everything I got, and I'm excited to see what being 20 holds! Maybe I'll get a life!

Reminder: Blogmas starts on the 12th! Keep an eye out for my blogmas posts!

My Sign "FIRE" Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

Disclaimer; This product was sent to me from My Sign due to winning a giveaway. The views in this review are of my own and not influenced by the brand or Tam Beauty.

This blog post is really late, or you could say super early! This palette is an exclusive to a few of us, and I wanted to get this blog post out before the debut, so there were some reviews out there beforehand! So this is the Fire palette by MY SIGN (Makeup Revolution). And I am so honoured to actually have it! I won it via a giveaway, but I feel amazing as the minute this palette was announced, I wanted it! Having the Sagittarius collection already, this was NEEDED to complete my astrology makeup goals.

Also, I hope people enjoy the pictures! When the palette was delivered, I was relaxing at my desk with some candles on to set a little wintery mood, and thought, a fire palette needs a little fire right? And it's completely different from my usual pictures, so let me know if you like them below too!

Packaging;  The palette comes in a gold cover, with a normal black plastic palette cover, with the writing on the front in gold. I really love how there are 4 elemental palettes with star signs attached! In pictures I always thought it would be a little bigger but the pan sizes are quite generous for a small-ish palette. It is quite simple, and it is perfect travel size! Downside being, there is no mirror!

Product; The eyeshadows are so pretty! There is 1 baked, 2 matte and 12 shimmers. I have to say although it is very pretty, and sticks to the theme of Fire, the lack of matte shades bothers me. It leaves transition colours to a peach-red colour and a chocolate colour, and I really wish one of the orange shades was matte, as they would make a better transition! Some colours are definitely a lot more shimmery compared to others which is kind of encouraging? But the lack of mattes upset me a little! Side Note: I also felt the palette had a smell? Not a bad smell, but smelt kind of flowery? I'm unaware if it was intentional, but I could smell a very flowery smell? If you know, tell me below!

The pigmentation is AMAZING. The baked eyeshadow (the white) had me speechless because it is so stunning and acts as a good highlighter too. The colours were easy to blend, but I felt like they were too easy to blend making it redundant? I felt colours mixed together a little too easy, so needed to be built upon, and blended lightly! I found it extremely hard to create or think of a look, and feel I am not that adventurous, but you learn by playing. I believe this palette would go great with the Soph X palette, as the shimmers would go great over some of her matte shades.

Eyelashes - AliExpress/Ebay

Price; As far as I'm aware this palette will be £6, and for 15 eyeshadows, that's amazing! There are 4 different palettes you can get, and even though I am Sagittarius, I will most likely be buying the other 3 palettes myself hopefully! With my birthday being on Friday (24th), I may be lucky to actually get my hands on them after then! 

Overall, I am actually really happy with this palette. I feel it's very personal to me, and with the Christmas season coming up, the gold shimmers will be my BEST friend! I wish there were more red-burgundy tones also, but I also feel it's a very edgy/unique relation to Fire, and it's super hot! The pigmentation is crazy, and I would 100% recommend.

The palettes have been announced to release on the 22nd of November (Wednesday) and you can buy them on the Tam Beauty website! I am unaware of when their release in Superdrug will be, but be sure to follow the brand on instagram to stay updated, and see the other palettes!

PR Enquiries; Email.

BLOGMAS; Am I doing it? And why?

Every year, BLOGMAS takes place amongst the bloggers of the land, and creates a joyous sprinkle across the community! I've never really looked into it much, but this year I have decided to do it! And here is why!

What is Blogmas?
Blogmas is an event, where bloggers do one post a day during December, in relation to Christmas! There are several types of enacting Blogmas, with 3 main ways! But like myself, you can add your own spin on to it!

  • 1 post per day during the whole of December.
  • 1 post for 12 selective days in December.
  • 1 post per day till the 24th-25th of December.
Am I definitely doing Blogmas?
Yes I am! I've done my research and currently planning my posts to schedule for the days to come. But how am I doing it?

This year, I've decided to put my spin on the 2nd bullet point. I know for a fact, I could not think of 31 blog posts, even when doing the research. So I chose some of my favourites and came to the conclusion I will be doing 14 days of Blogmas! From the 12th till the 26th! I chose these dates, as I wanted to do before and a little bit after Christmas, without doing too little or too much. I chose the 12th, as it's not an odd number, and just before 12 days before Christmas. And I am so-so-so excited to do so!

Why should you take part in Blogmas?
It sets you into the community of bloggers doing it! It's constant posts in one particular month, that may affect your engagement, and make some new blogger friends! It's a month that more collabs happen and your DA is more likely to spike up! And I've heard it's actually a lot of fun! So, if you feel you need an online event, to help spruce up your blog; Blogmas is one of the best to get involved with!

Blogmas Ideas;

I took my inspiration for Blogmas posts, from several different blogs! Including When Tania Talks, Louise Rose Railton and Joseph Burrows. Here are some ideas I've concluded myself! And no I am not using all of these (I may use some), but just some ideas I've created!

1. Why You Love Christmas.
2. Top 10 Gifts for Spoonies this Christmas.
3. Your top 10 Christmas Songs.
4. Your top 10 Christmas Films.
5. What you are greatful for this year.
6. Christmas Traditions.
7. Secret Santa Gift Ideas.
8. Parent Gift Ideas.
9. Christmas Market Review.
10. Best Christmas Gift Boxes.
11. Best Christmas Eve boxes.
12. Best Christmas Deals.
13. Christmas Events in your City.
14. Pantomime Review
15. Your favourite Christmas tales/folklore!
16. Christmas Abroad!
17. A Christmas Giveaway. 
18. Christmas Looks! (You could spread these out too!)
19. Favourite Christmas Outfits/Jumpers.
20. What you're hoping for this Christmas.
21. A Christmassy DIY!
22. Your favourite Christmas decorations!
23. How you decorate your Christmas Tree.
24. Christmas Crafts.
25. Homemade Present Ideas.
26. Stocking Filler ideas.
27. Present HAUL!
28. How you spend New Years.
29. New Year Resolutions.
30. What you are looking forward to for next year!
31. Yearly Faves and Fails products!

So are you doing Blogmas too? Leave me a comment below with your blog link so I can read your December posts! And, if you'd like to do a Christmassy collab, get in contact

Like my christmassy send off?

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, Review and Swatches

*Disclaimer; This product was sent to me as a gift. The views in this review are of my own and not influenced by third parties such as NARS themselves.

Picture of the NARS bottle.

Time for a change! And today I'm going to be reviewing the NARS All Day foundation! This is actually my only high end foundation, and the first high end product I'll have reviewed on my blog (apart from Clinique) that I am actively using. 

Packaging; The foundation is encased in a glass bottle. The bottle is 30ML so holds a lot of product. It has a pump function which makes it easy to put the product straight onto your face or control how much you use. The only downside to the pump (see pictures below) is, it is very easy for the pump to get the top dirty, leaving the pump covered in product.

Product; I was given the lightest shade of the foundation named Siberia. The shade is meant to be the lightest neutral colour, although I feel there is more pink tones in this foundation, which is okay for me! Some people say they see more yellow tones, which I can see in the bottle, but once on skin I can see more pink tones. The feel is very mousse at first, but is also very creamy and light. 

Swatch of the foundation

In relation to coverage, it's very light (duh! it's weightless), however it is buildable, and works great with a good primer. I found it was best using a beauty blender, rather than a brush. With a brush, it tended to go streaky, but with a blender it took all product and evenly spread it out. Although "luminous" would suggest a dewy finish, I felt the foundation would dry more matte, but definitely left a glow on the highlighted features (upper cheek bones).

I tend to only use foundation on my busy days, to hide blemishes and dark circles, and this foundation does last long days. It does attach to dry patches after several hours, but can be easily fixed with powder. 

Price: Although I was sent this, the price of this foundation is £34 (£35 on certain sites). Although this is quite pricey, and I would begrudge buying this for myself, it's the best foundation I've found for me, so I would make the price worth it. It's also the lightest foundation I've found for my skin, that I haven't had to use lightening drops with. 

Selfie with Snapchat (Ameslou24) Filter, highlights smoothness of foundation with full face.

Where to buy; You can buy this foundation via the NARS website, Feel Unique and House of Fraser.

Dupes? I have not found any dupes for this foundation from my collection. If you have, leave a comment down below! Or if you use this foundation, do you like it?

I HEART Makeup MINT CHOCOLATE Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

Disclaimer; This product was bought by myself, for my own purposes, and was not influenced by Tam Beauty or I Love Makeup. All reviews are of my honest opinions.

Inside of the Mint Chocolate Palette with Name Insert.

Before I start, my new desk came! (If you have Snapchat, you would of seen!) so my pictures will be of better quality, as I can use my ring light better on a better surface! If you've noticed, let me know below!

So, to clarify yes, this was an impulse buy. I was in town for a day with my boyfriend, for him to get tattoos and to get some food. But I decided, I deserved a treat! So went with the intention of getting the new Makeup Revolution Christmas Palettes, but the Superdrug I went to, wasn't getting them in stock! So instead of walking 10 minutes to the next superdrug (I am that tired..not lazy), I decided to buy the Mint Chocolate Palette by I love Makeup! This wasn't a palette I would usually go for, but after getting it home, I decided to give it a try!

Outside of the Palette. A luminous green dripping chocolate design on a brown chocolate bar design.
Packaging; Of course, the chocolate palettes are always interesting and cute! The chocolate bar packaging is unique, and although many people see these palettes as dupes for Too Face's palettes, I think I Love Makeup have took it as a innovative idea, and make it their own. The palette is quite thick to hold in comparison, with the chocolate bar...blocks? Coming out further, which can make holding it a little awkward, but still pretty none the less! A bonus, is the mirror included inside, which makes it travel worthy!

Inside the Palette; 16 Shadows. 9 Shimmers, 7 Mattes.

Product; As you can see, there are 16 shadows included in this palette, 9 shimmers and 7 mattes. The theme of the palette (I'm guessing) is Greeny-Autumnal Shades. When the palette initially came out, I thought it was a little weird, to have a red in there, but after looking at the palette, I guess you could do a lot of looks with it! 

Swatches Left to Right (Favourites): World's Apart, Disturbance, Rivals, Distorted, Poison Ivy, Secret, Interupted

The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented (see above), and hold 1.22g (2.44g in the long ones) which is really good product! They feel really creamy and soft, and was really easy to blend! The only downside was, maybe too easy to blend? I felt like some colours just merged into eachother rather than a gradient. I also wish there was a greeny transition that was light, rather than the light colours that are on offer! However, it's a pretty good palette! A little extra thing smells like Mint! Specifically Aero Mint Chocolate!

[Reminder I am not an MUA, and just getting into Eyeshadows]. Eyeliner: Soap and Glory Super Cat Eyeliner. Interupted (Transition), Poison Ivy (Lid), Rivals (over Transition), Disturbance (Under Eye) with Secret.
Price: The price of this palette is £8.99, which is super affordable! This palette has already been compared to the Subculture palette by ABH, which in price comparison, I know which one I would buy! However, I feel like the palettes are not that similar!

Would I recommend? I actually would only recommend this palette IF you intend on using it everyday. I literally bought this palette because it was there (and it was the only one left) and realised I would only use a few shades out of it! I only experimented with greens as I never do! But it is a pretty good palette if you like the colours!

Where can you buy? Superdrug or Tam Beauty!

BULLET JOURNAL: How To & Spoonie Tips!

*Disclaimer; There may be personal information in this post or seen in photos.

To start, I am a MASSIVE stationery addict. If you didn't know, lucky you! Because I could talk and talk and talk about Stationery all day long! My bullet journal is my baby. I write everything in it, whether it be my low moods, menstrual cycle to my lazy days. But not a lot of people understand what a BUJO (Bullet Journal) is, and how it's different from a diary or planner. And some don't even realise how relaxing or helpful it is either!

A bullet journal is a plain notebook/a ruled notepad, a piece of graph paper in a arch file, a bullet journal is basically anything at this point. You can use a bullet journal to explore creative ways of planning your life or keeping track things similar to a diary. 

I use a bullet journal in a diary sort of sense, but it allows me to express who I am and allows my creative bubbles to flow! If you want to learn how to create your own BUJO, keep reading.

Find your perfect notebook. Journals can be EXPENSIVE. The official bullet journal is around £60 in the UK, which is so bad for something that can cost £10, I believe personally. My journal is a "Dark Pink" Moleskine Large, which cost me £7 in Amazon January Sales, RRP £15! It's lightweight, pretty and has many pages to fulfill the whole year worth of bujo-ing!

Plan Ahead...if you can! I found my bujo works best if I plan my weekly spreads ahead. And I don't mean filling them in, but having the template filled out. Also, in regards to chronic illness, having trackers is especially handy. I myself, have a period, pain and mood tracker. With having "white coat syndrome" (a nickname for us who seem to forget everything once stepping into the doctor's office)

Picture of my Pain Tracker.

Express Yourself! There are so many of us Bullet Journal Junkies out there, that you can find inspiration anywhere. However, a bullet journal should be an expression of yourself, not of others! So do a little research, see some examples via Pinterest or Instagram and take them and add your own little spark to them!

And don't forget expressing yourself via stationery. Every good bujo-er loves a bit of washi tape! And once you start, you won't stop! And then there are the stickers. Simply have a look via Etsy/AliExpress for products that scream "You". For example, Moon Lume produces stickers I can use to fill space, and my all time favourite ones are their self care quoted animal stickers! I'm all about motivating myself, and the stickers are so cute and motivational! A win!

It's okay if you forget! The amount of empty weekly spaces in my bullet journal would drive me insane at the beginning. There were many times, I could forget to fill it in OR didn't have the time to. But in the end, I realised it's okay. I could just add the notes into my phone, and then when I did manage to open it, I could fill it in without having to force myself to remember, or frustrate myself.

One of my recent weeklies, highlighting I do forget empty spaces! I try to fill them with stickers for that reason too..

Spoonifying a Bujo. I cater my bullet journal to adding certain aspects maybe others wouldn't. I include a pain, mood, period and doctor appointment tracker. Weird right? I have a variety of stickers from The Geeky Planner suited towards my illnesses and other things. And that's okay! Not only does the BUJO help me organise the mess that is me and my chronic illnesses, it helps relaxes me. If I'm unable to sleep, I'll get my bullet journal out, and see what I can fill in to pass the time, saves going on my phone right? If I'm stressed, I'll get it out and fill my mood tracker in right there and then, and it feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders. And then, come next doctor's appointment, it's there in my bag, to help me explain how I feel or for the doctors to take a look at themselves! 

Do you have a bullet journal? Do you have any tips for beginners? Leave them in the comments below!

Burning Embers MUA Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

*Disclaimer; I bought this product from Superdrug. All opinions in this review are of my own, and not influenced by this company.

Everyone knows by now, if there's one thing I love, is a good drugstore palette. So when a new palette is dropped, I'm straight on it for research, deciphering if it's good or not. When this Burning Embers palette hit Superdrug, I impulsively bought it, alongside it's twin palette Tropic Oceana (review coming soon!) I saw the price, how many colours you get, and it went straight to the till with me! MUA is a very under-rated brand, or has many enemies mainly because of how cheap it is. And yes, some products can be very iffy, but not all of them!

Packaging; Burning Embers was the first of these type of palettes by MUA, or at least that I seen. Holding 25 pans of colour, and a simple look of packaging. With it's size, I wish it came with a mirror of some sort, as it can easily slide into a bag for travel.

The sunlight was extremely bright during this flatlay...see a better representation of the top row in the picture above or below!

Product; At the time of purchase, I was going through a "day" type look phase, as I was never really experimental with my eyeshadow, so this palette was pretty perfect. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is pretty good, although many of the lighter shades needed to be built up to actually be used, but there is a good range of transition colours in the middle, along with some beautiful pearl shadows! And personally, there are only 3 shadows, I may not reach for in this palette!

Also, many people were claiming this palette to be a dupe for the Modern Renaissance palette, and I would like to confirm, it is 100% not! It has more pink and light brown shades compared to the very warm deep colours found in the MR palette. The shades were quite easy to blend, however I felt the darker colours, specifically the bottom row had to be buildable (although they showed up quite pigmented in swatches) hence hard to blend completely without disappearing.

Swatches of my favourite shades (Had to lower brightness  due to the sunlight making it hard to see the swatches)
Price; The price of Burning Embers is £8, which is brilliant for 25 eyeshadows, compared to other brands. MUA pride themselves on good prices, and with their normal 12 pan palettes being £4, double for 25 is pretty good!

Where to buy? You can buy this palette from Superdrug!

PR Contact; Email.

Around the World CARGO Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

I bought this product from TK Maxx. All opinions in this review are of my own, and not influenced by this company.

A few months back, this palette was all the rage, and after my friend highlighted to me that it was in TK-Maxx, I just had to go have a little gander and see if I liked it. I stared at it for a while contemplating if it's worth buying or I should have a look around, but in the end I impulsively bought it. I did do my research before buying it, but I could only come across one review on the palette. And after digging it back out, I thought let's do a review on it!

Packaging; The packaging is extremely beautiful. The packaging encompasses what the palette's theme is, which is really unique as many palettes have themed names, but their packaging is usually plain or non-relatable. The pans are decent sized, which is great! And it comes with a mirror, making it a great palette to throw into your bag and whisk away with you!

The only issue I had with the packaging is where I bought it from. The cargo brush was missing and it was also the only palette that wasn't messy in the beauty section. But that is more a TK-Maxx thing.

Product; I'm not going to lie, I look at this palette and wonder why I bought it. I prefer more autumnal/warm tones such as burgundies, oranges but when I saw this palette I just wanted, no needed it! There are 6 mattes and 6 shimmers in this palette. The colours are absolutely gorgeous, and make for a great "day time" palette. The pans are quite big and deep so have a lot of product, alongside pigmentation.

The only downside is, there is easily some fallout, and while so soft, the eyeshadows seem to easily crumble (see Athens above). 

Price; The price I paid for this palette was £14.99, with retail price going as far as £29 originally! I personally would never pay over £15 for this sort of palette, as you can get these sort of colours in a lot of palettes. However the price from TK Maxx was pretty good, and you get some good quality pigmented eye shadows. 

I sadly haven't had time to create a look using this palette. Because I've been run down with a fever and a chest infection. But I may update the post with a look when I can!

Where to buy:
I'm unsure if TK Maxx still have these in stock, as I purchased this palette around December last year. However, you can purchase it on Amazon!