"Just Asthma"

Asthma has been the ghost on my shoulder since I was very young. And it's been a constant reminder, that unlike everyone else, I just can't breathe like a normal human being. The reason I'm writing this post is because, Asthma is no joke. Recently a girl in my town passed away due to Asthma, and one of the things that stood out to me in the article, was that many people had a stigma about it, or it was called "Just Asthma" which I think is so wrong.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a long term chronic disease, involving your lungs. It causes breathing difficulties and can be a foundation on to more heavier conditions also. It can affect anyone, and can be sudden or gradual in your life. There is NO cure for it but medication can help prolong your life and/or ease symptoms. You can actually grow out of Asthma (known as Childhood Asthma) but for most it is a lifelong condition. (1) I have had Asthma since I was 3 years old, and was diagnosed at 5 years old. At the time of my first symptom of Asthma, doctors were unsure what it was, due to technology (late 90s) and wanted to ensure it was nothing more malicious. It took 2 years for them to finally diagnose me with Asthma and start me on treatment. Asthma can range from mild to brittle, and there are many forms such as nervous and "7 year Asthma" (Asthma can come in strokes of 7 years.) My asthma comes in the form of variant, as my symptoms can vary, but I found the pattern is very close to 7 years. My last Asthma attack was in September 2016. 

An Asthma Attack is when the lungs come under stress, and your airways can close. Asthma attacks can occur when the person is under stress, triggers or an illness such as a chest infection. Triggers include allergies, dust and anxiety. An Asthma attack feels like something is pushing down on your chest (to me), or that something has a hold of your lungs and is squeezing them so tight. Majority of my asthma attacks have been due to illness such as chest infections, or anxiety. Many times, my schools confused them with panic attacks, and have not understood the difference.

Why am I writing this blog post?

When I was in school, many people used Asthma in a sort of "meme" situation. For example spraying deodorant and jokingly saying "Be careful..I/someone may have Asthma" which usually ended in laughter. Although deodorant cannot in fact cause an asthma attack directly, it can cause particles to tickle your throat, thus causing coughing, which in fact is in no way funny to an asthmatic. Or when explaining to someone I did have Asthma, the reply would be "Oh, just asthma".

I have been diagnosed with Asthma since I was 5 years old. My first memory of an asthma attack I was very young, and remember getting put into an Ambulance during the night in just my nappy. Another fond memory is the amount of needles I had to get as the doctors weren't sure it actually was asthma.

Asthma can be a fatal condition, and it's not only that but it can shock you and surprise you. My last Asthma attack as I stated before was September 2016. I was on my way into college, and it was quite cold weirdly! The minute I stepped into college, the heat hit me in the face. It was quite shocking and then I felt it. The squeezing/knotted pain in my chest. In these situations I was told, get my inhalers and tell someone, which I did. I could feel the colour sinking out of my skin, and I knew this meant having to go to hospital. But when your chest is tight, you need all the oxygen you get, so your body stops your body from responding via voice. The college staff had me sit there, and wait till my mum could arrive, which is potentially dangerous. Of course, I don't blame them for that day, it was just a matter of training and education.

Once my mum arrived we headed straight for A&E. I was put into a docking room, and waited for someone to come see me. Thankfully, I didn't need an oxygen tank, and they went into exercises to bring my chest back to normal while we waited. After an asthma attack, it can be very tiring. If you ever did the Bleep Test or cross country in school, an Asthma attack felt like that. That tired and worn out, you don't really care anymore but want to sleep. Once the doctor saw me, I was told I had a viral infection, and the asthma attack was my body's way of telling me I was getting sick. Although this is very clever, an asthma attack is not the fondest way I rather be told. I was then put on steroids for a few weeks.

The reason I remember this story so vividally, is the response I received after the asthma attack from a specific teacher. I of course needed rest after that attack, so the doctors told me not to go into college the next day, and ensure I was able to go out. But I wanted to go in, I couldn't miss any lessons but my mum insisted I took the morning off. So that morning, I did. When I went into school, that teacher had called me out (I wasn't there) infront of the whole class about how I was never there. This really humiliated me when I was told. And when I spoke to the teacher, I was told an asthma attack isn't as important as my attendance. Of course, in shock I walked out. And can honestly said I never stepped in that classroom again.

That may have seemed extreme, but Asthma is the worst condition of mine. If I had the choice between a migraine, a chronic pelvic pain flare and an asthma attack, I would never choose the asthma attack. 

How can you help someone who is asthmatic? 

  • Do some research! If you have a loved one, classmate or colleague, learn about the condition and what you can do to ensure you prevent any flares too. Of course, it's down to the person with asthma to take medication, stay away from triggers etc, but that's not always easy.
  • Ask them questions. If someone tells you they have asthma, ask them what it is, what their asthma plan is, where they keep their spare inhalers just in case.
  • Just be empathetic. Asthma can cause someone a lot of distress.
  • Know the warning signs of an asthma attack and how to help! (see below)

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Or are you an asthmatic and looking for an online community to find other asthmatics or those with Chronic Illnesses? Check out Invisible Illness Awareness!

TV Series You need to Binge! 20+

I got this idea from Sophie Foster over on Youtube, and thought it's definitely something I'd love to write about, as I just LOVE to binge watch TV shows. So here are my top TV shows, everyone should go and watch! These are in no particular order! As there are so many, I will only explain a few!

Warning: A lot of GIFS!

1. RuPaul's Drag Race - If you know me, you know this is an all time favourite of mine! If you're into America's Next Top Model, Project Runway but with a twist, then this is the show for you!

Image result for rupaul drag race gif

2. Degrassi (Old and New!).

Image result for degrassi Image result for degrassi

3. How to Get Away with Murder.

Image result for how to get away with murder

4. Riverdale.

Image result for riverdale gif

5. The Bold Type - This is a bit of an indie type show, I haven't heard anyone talk about but came across randomly! It's based on a true story (not all is true) but it also highlights different forms of women (LGBT, Working women, Sexual Prow-ess etc.) I like how it's about empowerment as a woman!

Image result for the bold type

6. Rick and Morty.

Image result for rick and morty gif

7. Grimm

Image result for grimm

8. Gossip Girl

Image result for gossip girl gif

9. Jane the Virgin.

Image result for jane the virgin gifImage result for jane the virgin gif

10. Dynasty - I would 100% recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Gossip Girl. Of course, I mean the Netflix relaunch of it! There's a twist in every episode, it has an empowered female lead, and the butler (who isn't a butler) is a major badass, and had me shocked from the first episode!

Image result for dynasty tv show

11. Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

Related imageRelated imageRelated imageImage result for crazy ex girlfriend gif

12. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Classic!)

Image result for fresh prince bel air gif

13. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Image result for FRIENDS tv show quote

14. Moonlight - Moonlight was sadly cancelled after one series, but it was the first thing that ever introduced me to vampires! Keeping a traditional twist (Vampires sleeping in coffins/no sunlight etc), I just wish they created more than one series!

Image result for moonlight tv show

15. Pushing Daisies (also cancelled, was gutted)

Image result for pushing daisies
*Click picture to see artist*

16. That 70s Show

Image result for that 70s show quotes

17. Reign.

Image result for reign tv show gif

18. The Tudors.

Image result for the tudors tv show

19. The Strain - I am not the one to enjoy horror/thriller type TV shows, but The Strain is addictive! Although I found the plot very confusing, it's about a group of people who discover vampires still exist but unlike the usual "twilight" vampires, they're also zombie like? Based on original European folklores, and I love the ancient twist they have! Alongside the gore and scary-ness of it all!

Image result for the strain tv show gif

20. Pretty Little Liars.

Image result for pretty little liars quotes

21. Impractical Jokers - LOVE it! Brian Quinn is a total hotty, and it never fails to make me laugh!

Image result for impractical jokers gif

22. 13 Reasons Why.

Image result for 13 reasons why quote

23. Derry Girls - A typical channel 4 comedy, which just ignites the home fire inside me, reminding me of the Portrush/Northern Irish ways. Based on a gang of girls(and English boy) from Derry, on their school life. It's just hysterical, and became one of my favourites, only after one episode released! I even learnt more about Irish history, and what school was like even for my own dad!

Image result for derry girls

Do you enjoy any of these tv shows? Or do you have any to recommend? Leave a comment below!

I HEART MAKEUP; Chocolate Orange Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

The first review of 2018 and I'm so excited! Today I'll be reviewing the Chocolate Orange palette by I Heart Makeup! I Heart Makeup is a brand owned by Tam Beauty, who also own Makeup Revolution, and they make the "revolutionary" chocolate palettes! Similar to that by Too Faced!
The chocolate orange palette was released just before Christmas, and I was so eager to try it!
The palette's design is brown, with orange dripping chocolate which I love! Inside there are 16 shades with 6 shimmers and 10 matte eyeshadows! All colours match the chocolate orange theme, which I love! Although this palette would suit a more autumnal look, it's definitely an addition to my everyday makeup! The mirror size is great, and the palette is a great travel size to throw into your bag! Another plus is the great scent that comes off the palette. Every other palette (a part from the Mint) smells like chocolate, and while cool can be very sickening. This palette smells more like satsumas (if you have The Body Shop Satsuma body butter, it smells very similar!) which I love!

The pigmentation of this palette is definitely a step up for I Heart Makeup! Although I'm a keen collector of their palettes, I feel like the Chocolate Orange palette has a different formula compared to past ones, making it more creamy, I feel the shimmers can go on easier, and don't have to wet my brush (although I still do because, I want that extra shimmer!)
This picture was edited to show the swatches in more natural light, compared to under my lights to take this picture!
I wore this eyeshadow to my boyfriend's nans on Boxing Day! I created a halo type look, and got a lot of compliments for it!

The palette retails for £8.99, which is an absolute bargain! And it can be bought from Superdrug and Tam Beauty! I would highly recommend this palette to anyone with a love for warm or autumnal colours! There also some cool shades to work with, but can make various looks! Also the orange pigments would certaintly bring out any blue eyes!

Do you have this palette? What do you think of it? Or thinking of buying it? Leave a comment below!

Harry Potter Blogger Tag!

To get back into my usual lifestyle blogging, I was thinking of so many blog posts I could do. I really enjoyed doing the blogmas Christmas tags last month, so decided to do some normal tags! I remember a friend of mine doing this, so went and got the questions from A Grand Adventure!
1) Favourite book?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

2) Least favourite book?

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. I don't know why, I just found it so boring. I just felt like it was one of them books where they want to include some extra information to help with the future books and exciting information?

3) Favourite movie?

Definitely Goblet of Fire. Just like the books and it was the most interesting to me. Plus, we see good old Robert Pattison!

4) Least favourite movie?

Probably Deathly Hallows (Part 1 and 2). They were alright films, but my favourite character (Fred) dies, and I went and saw both 3 times with friends and just sobbed so. Least for cry factor.

5) Favourite quote?
"There are all kinds of courage" said Dumbledore smiling. "It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends." 

This is my favourite quote because it's so true, and it proper spoke out to me when reading. 

6) Favourite Weasley?

Fred. Love of my life. (And yes, I can tell the difference between James and Oliver)

7) Favourite female character?

Luna Lovegood. She's so chill and I want to be that relaxed and nonchalant.

8) Favourite villain.

In the books, it has to be Voldemort, I think he was written perfectly. In the films Bellatrix LeStrange, Helena Bohem Carter, rocked that roll!

9) Favourite male character?

Fred, Fred, Fred. But if it can't be Fred, it has to be George. Lol.

10) Favourite professor?

Snape because "Always".

11) Would you rather A) wash Snape’s hair or B) spend a day listening to Lockhart rant about himself?

Wash Snape's hair. Let's not go near Lockhart at this point, okay?

12) Would you rather duel A) an elated Bellatrix or B) and angry Molly?

Did you see angry Molly in the final film? Like hell no, don't mess with an angry mother!

13) Would you rather travel to Hogwarts via A) Hogwarts Express or B) Flying Car?

Hogwarts Express. Gimme a frog and some jelly beans! Except the vile ones.

14) Would you rather A) Kiss Voldemort or B) give Umbridge a bubble bath?

Kiss Voldemort. He was alright in his young and before losing his nose days.

15) Would you rather A) ride a Hippogriff or B) ride a Firebolt?

Hippogriff of course!

16) Is there a character you felt differently about in the movies?

Ginny. In the films shes very quiet and weird until the last one, and I just felt like in the books she's this sassy little sister!

17) Is there a movie you preferred to the book?

I kinda like both equally!

18) Richard Harris or Michael Gambon as Dumbledore?

I think they were both perfect in their portrayal. I feel Richard Harris was more of a classy dumbledore, whereas Michael Gambon was very forthright and made Dumbledore more sassy (DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLETAFIRE? you get me?) but I love them both. It was an elegant change.

19) Your top thing (person or event) that wasn’t in the movie that you wanted there the most?

Voldemort's family history. So like Tom Riddle Snr and Merope. It would of been interesting to see into his parents, and the love potion, revealing that Voldemort can't love or understand it, because he wasn't a product of true love. That was a nice touch in the books, although would of been better to be developed more maybe in the films.

20) If you could remake any of the Harry Potter movies which would it be?

Probably Half Blood Prince? I don't know. Maybe Deathly Hallows, so it explains Fred's death a bit more. He deserved a proper death like the book, like showing George actually get the wizard or Fred fighting, rather than the small part.

21 Which house was your first gut feeling you’d be a part of?

Slytherin. I mean, most would say Gryffindor, or why would you choose Slytherin, but I felt I most identified with it. Courageous, sneaky, amibitious? I can be authoritative when I want to. However, I would be a general slytherin. 

22) Which house were you actually sorted into on Pottermore?

Slytherin duh!

23) Which class would be your favourite?

I'd be really into Charms!

24) Which spell do you think would be most useful to learn?

Wingardium Levio'sa!

25) Which character do you think you’d instantly become friends with?

Fred. Angela can do one!

26) If you could own one of the three Hallows, which would it be?

The Invisibility Cloak! The other two just end in sadness.

27) Is there any aspect of the books you’d want to change?

I said it earlier, but developing Voldemort's past a little more and some theory. 

28) Favourite Marauder?

Padfoot. God love him.

29) If you could bring one character back to life, which would it be?

Fred. Have I said it enough now?

30) Hallows or Horcruxes?

Hallows. At least 2/3 of Hallows were destroyed, while the Invisible Cloak is handy. The horcruxes just end in death, I rather hide from it.

What would your answers be? Want to do this tag? Or if you've done it, leave your link below!

2017: What made it into my favourite products? *BASE PRODUCTS*

2017, what a year right? So many different products, it was definitely the year of surprises and product turn around for sure! This blog post is highlighting the best makeup of 2017! If you'd like to see the products that didn't make it into my favourites, head over to the "makeup I hate" post! I didn't want to make this too long, so this post will be focused on skincare and base!

To start off, there's skincare! I have so many new and empties skincare products from 2017, and I just love them! Firstly there's the Satsuma Body Butter by The Body Shop! I was never one for body butter, I never saw the use of it. But 2017 was the year I discovered the coconut body butter, so had to go and get the Satsuma one for Christmas! The body butters come in at around £6-8 which is amazing, since you need the tiniest bit!

The Vitamin E Hydrating Mist by Superdrug, is another favourite! It's especially useful in the Summer! This product was a popular one back in early 2017 via makeup groups. I specifically remember seeing their vitamin E range being raved about, and was excited to try! I was let down by the vitamin E wipes, as they literally hurt to use, and dried my skin out more! But the hydrating mist did what it said on the bottle and it's amazing!

Next, the Clinique Clarifying Lotion, as majority of people know is an absolute fave! The clarifying lotion is the 2nd normal step in the Clinique's "3 Step Range." I have used Clinique skincare since I was around 14, and as has my mum! I suffer with combination skin (dry face, oily T-zone!) and the only products I've found to help are by Clinique. This clarifying lotion (1 = Very Dry to Dry Skin) wipes away dead skin cells, and although some people can use it as a tacky primer, it allows for a moisturiser to seep through and soften the dry skin. There are 6 types of this clarifying lotion starting with 1.0, ranging up to 4, then Anti Blemishes! The price range is £17.50 for 200ml (sometimes found at £14 in stores) which can be pricey for only 200ml, but I have used just over half in the whole of 2017, which I guess makes it good value for money!

Next is makeup brushes! 2017 has been the year of "ordering so many brush sets to last you a few years". But the favourites are definetly the Vander Pro brushes I kindly received. These brushes actually cost £1.60/£2.50 usually! My favourite brush is the one in the middle above! It's great as a transition shade brush, and getting right into the crease! They're very soft and I've found that in comparison to other brushes, don't need a lot of product to get pigment? On some brushes, the brushes take some of the product with them, whereas these brushes have definitely helped upped my eyeshadow game!

We all need a good primer! This was a late one to the show, as I didn't start doing research on primers till Autumn, as I barely used them! I didn't even know what a primer was until 2017, and I didn't really need one as I never wore foundation. But I got given a Makeup Revolution one as a gift, so took it upon myself to do some research. The Rimmel Fix & Perfect primer has definitely improved my base. It focuses highly on perfecting tone and mattifying the skin, and it's something I use even without makeup! It was actually voted the best drugstore primer of 2017, for dry skin which was a bonus for me! Alongside having a sister for oily skin! It's semi-silicone I believe, which I'd never of tried but I definitely prefer it!

My favourite foundation of 2017 was of course, the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless foundation! And you can read a full review here!

I sadly haven't taken a picture in time for this blog post, but my favourite powder has to be the Collection Pressed Powder in Ivory 018. It's a perfect colour match for me, allows me to get rid of any shine from the foundation and adds a little bit more coverage under my eyes! Although I have dry skin, and powder can be counter-productive, I've had no issues with Pressed Powder!

And finally my favourite concealer is the Freedom HD Pro-Conceal Pro Artist Palette in Light-Medium. For most of 2017, I did use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair 01, but I found it was starting to oxidize the more I used it, and with being very pale most of the time, it was giving me more redness under my eyes! 

So I switched to a concealer palette, after hearing good things and I'm impressed! As someone who's always ill, my skin tone can change! Some days I can be quite fair, and other very pale, so to have a palette that I can compare to my skin is very helpful! The palette was £10 when I purchased it, but I believe it is now £5 which is a bargain! It's also extremely helpful when carving brows, and can also be used in a cut crease/eyeshadow base!

So this is part 1 of my favourite 2017 products! I decided this could get really long doing all products! So the rest of the favourites will probably be posted on Wednesday! What are some of your favourite base products? or Skin care? Have you tried these ones?