Welcome to Olympus - #AnimalCrossing

Visit Olympus Now!

So, a lot of people follow me on Instagram, to see pictures of my beautiful main town, well now is your chance to visit!

Theme; Olympus' theme is "fruitful" I like to say. It's very bright, set in Spring/Summer, and have light coloured flowers and fruits! The house themes are Greek Mythology (minus the mayor's house). I've always found it hard to agree on a theme for my town. I've done natural, pink, forest, seasonal but I always ended up restarting. But then it hit me! I love Greek Mythology and have the sources to do it!

You can visit many ancient PWPs, buy the latest goddess fashion and visit the wonderful gardens and orchards. 

Mayor's House.

My mayor's name is Amy-Lou (in Greek "Agathe" meaning "Good".) like me! Her house is traditional, having every room you can imagine in an actual house. A living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office and a "gaming cave". I styled it after my own house, adding my own in-game tweaks!

Amylou in her bedroom!

Amylou in her Office!

Fawna's House.

Fawna (meaning; Young Deer / Deity of Fertility in the latter Fauna) is a fairy who dwells in Olympus..playing pranks on villagers, but keeping it garbage free! Her house is literally a secret garden, filled with mini sprites wo help keep it a-light and the inside garden full! Fawna is proud of who she is, and loves the designs in her house! Being a well known best friend of Eros!
Fun Fact; The nymphs from Ancient Greek myths can be considered as fairies and they existed as early as the time of Homer writing the Iliad and the Odyssey!
The Sprite Garden.

Eros' House.  [Aphrodite did not fit in the name box 😩]

Eros is the goddess of Love (Eros; meaning son of the Goddess of love, but I made her Aphrodite so...yeah...). Eros' house is a museum of love, highlighting the love for the goddess. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted to her great throne room, with aroma of lust and desire. Each room highlights her loveliness and kindness, being celebrated by her symbols.

Throne Room.
Bedroom (Fact; A symbol for Aphrodite is the turtle!)

Athena's House.

Athena (meaning "Sharp") is the goddess of wisdom, best known for the association with the Owl. Derived straight from Zeus' head, she came to Olympus to spread wisdom amongst villagers, being a confidant of Mayor Amy-Lou. Her rooms consist of a Greek bath, a golden throne room and bedroom.

Athena in her bath-house, with a trusty owl.
Athena in her throne room!

And now you can visit it!

If you do visit, I'd love to see your photos! And tag me on Instagram and Tumblr!

Welcome to Buí - #AnimalCrossing

*Disclaimer: This is my town and fully worked on by me. This blog post may be long but considers every aspect of the town, residents and more!

Many will know, I've been working on a secondary town for myself. I asked on Facebook for people to help me name the town, but nothing stood out to me. My main purpose was to make a tropical town, as inspired by tequilasunrxse. Then a friend mentioned my favourite colour being yellow. And that's when I realised, I should make an all yellow town!

Buí means Yellow in Irish, so it was only right I used that and took on my Irish heritage too! Now Buí isn't only yellow, as I found it quite repetitive and mundane sometimes, so added a splash of white and orange in minor places. I found this highlighted the yellow more, and made it stand out, on a particular sunny Spring day. The main theme amongst the town, is sunflowers, as they are my favourite yellow flower, but sadly are not included as hybrids in game. Alongside that, is the mixture of Irish mythology. With having a greek mythology town, it was only right the story of Buí have a similar story or just a fun story anyway! Read more below!




Gädis is the mayor of the town. Villagers will see Gädis wondering about the town with her morning goffee or bubble wand, spreading cheer amongst the town. She is the ruler of the kingdom.


Gädis' house theme is very modest and typical. She has a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. 

However, she also holds dear to her two rooms in which make her more communal. The room to your left as you walk in, is a cafe called "The Sunflower". It is all sunflower based with an orange&yellow rustic theme. Here you can buy traditional irish food along with some european dishes! The basement is a learning centre, for many to come and learn botany, the history of natural philosophy and dendrology.

Sióg (trans; Fairy in Irish) is the resident fairy of Buí! She casts protection spells all over Buí if a threat is warrented, and is in control of the wind turbines! 


Her house is situationed in the far north of the kingdom amongst the trees, only small but perfect for this precious fairy! 

Carman is a sorceress, based on the Irish mythological tale of Carman. She spreads evil among Buí when she can, alongside her 3 sons, who you cannot see due to invisibility.


Carman is set in the middle of the dead forest. Gädis had a sign set up, telling travelers to be wary when they pass. She lives in an enchanted tent. Who needs many when you just need a book and a cauldron?


All villagers have an essence of sunshine about them, with yellow houses or skin tone. Diedre is our speciality villager as she is a symbol of the Irish heroine. All villagers wear tropical shirts to symbolise the kingdom as a happy and tropic-like paradise.

What are you waiting for? Take a trip to Buí today!

What turning 21 means to me.

There is a good 3(well basically 2) months till I turn 21, but I've been feeling very emotional about it lately, and just needed to write about it...Gosh I feel old.

When you live in the UK, 21 isn't really a turning point legally. You can legally give consent at 16, drive at 17(or 16 for a mo-ped), you can drink/smoke at 18. 21? Not much really, except you're now officially heading into adulthood. The stages of 19-20, aren't so important in life. You're at that awkward stage of "Am I a teen" "Am I an adult". But the stamp of 21 highlights that the games are over kids, and life is about to get serious. But to everyone, turning 21 can mean something different. And this is what it means to me. 

Turning 21, means adulthood to me. Before, I was still a child. Of course, I still have plenty of time to grow and learn. But at this stage, I'm expected to know where my life is heading, or at least trying to act as mature as I can be. Everyday, we are counting down the moments to death. "Oh I can't believe I'll be 21 soon" "Where has time gone". We're constantly obsessed with time, and while yes, it can move fast, we may need to slow it down ourselves. Turning 21, means questions. Getting questions left, right and center about where I'm going, what adulthood means for me. And personally, I still don't know, and that's okay! By 21, people have experienced things I haven't and that's okay too. Being 21 to me means that I've reached a stage where I'm just considered an adult, and maybe now I can be taken seriously when discussing things.

Turning 21 now means that my babyface isn't the worst thing at the world. Being 16-20 years old and looking 12 was the worst thing ever for me. Although it was great being asked if I wanted a child ticket, when I would like an alcoholic drink, or getting into a club and asking for ID, can be quite humiliating. I just wanted to be considered an adult dammit! But now I'm nearly 21, I'm dreading the day I'm 40 and look...40. I want my baby face to remain, and I'm hoping even at 21, I still keep my young looks well into my 20s. Maybe looking 18 at least, maybe not 12. 

Turning 21, means to me that I now have an obsession with cleaning. Yes! It's like suddenly a wave has washed over me, and I just want everything to sparkle, and have 99.9% less germs. Before now, I didn't really care. Well; I cared to a degree. As long as I could see the floor, there was no mice and I knew where everything was, I was grand. But in comparison to sparkling clean, or having the urge to just sit and wipe the coffee table all day, that wasn't me. It would take a lot for me to hoover, or put the dishwasher on. But now, I'm happy to do it all. Of course, I'm still learning. I'm still getting the hang of things, but let me tell you! I can atleast make things smell nice, and not harmful to Sox!

Turning 21 means to me, relaxation around my parents. I love my parents to bit, and I was always a bit scared about how I presented myself, my language. But now, I feel more lax. If I need to swear, I will. If I need to shout, or get angry I will. Of course, in a respectful sense and never actually to my parents, but I feel that I can be seen as someone they can have a friendly debate with. I'm not just their baby anymore, but their delightful young-adult daughter who can conversate in a mature manner, and not feel scared to open my mouth to discuss things.

21 is the end of fun. Well, not that I have much fun, but I found myself getting more serious. Back when I was 16-18, my short term goal was to always have an amazing house party for my birthday. However, now my main goal is moving in with my partner, or providing for my cute little pup Sox. There are of course people who are my age who concern themselves with the things I used to, and that's okay! But it means, getting my own identity, my own place, my own stamp out into the world.

What did you learn or notice was happening at 21? Or how do things differ for you now you aren't 21? What are your life goals?