You do NOT need PR, to be a blogger.

My website has really started to take off this year. Maybe taking an extra year off before University was a great thing after all. But blogging more, means getting more of an audience, and lately I've had a few dms, asking how to start a blog. And while that would probably make a very generic blog post, when I've gave them the advice, I always get the same response. That people are anxious to start one, because they believe they won't fit in, to the blogging community. 

Some people get the impression, if they start to blog [or vlog] and don't start getting brand offers, PR deals, discount codes, that blogging is not worth it. And I'm here to say, that isn't right! Blogging should originally start off as a hobby I believe. You find a niche; something you enjoy and just start writing. And don't forget to network! Connecting with other bloggers, can be super fun, and also gives yourself a base within the blogging world.

I have had a few PR things. I've mostly received things for Sox, in return for an instagram post on his page. I've done a sponsored post, that's fell through without payment, and much more. But this is not what makes me a "success" in the blogger's world, or any sort of success. I started blogging around 14, just because it seemed like fun. I always enjoyed writing, and to write about things I enjoyed in my everyday life, and it was so relaxing and fun. As time went on, I got bored and then came back to it years later. I started taking myself more seriously but it is still a daunting industry to get involved in.

There are cliques, and people who believe they are above everyone. But there are also some wholesome people, who will happily talk to anyone, where followers or DA never count. No blogger ever accepts PR that doesn't suit them, there are some that do, but you'll find it'll backlash on their audience who are confused, but it's not how PR works, nor how the blogger industry is. I have declined a lot more PR, than accepted, but in comparison to others, it isn't a lot.

Nevertheless, you do not need to have PR, discount codes to be a blogger, or a "real" blogger. You do not need to sit in front of an expensive camera and talk to it and upload videos. You can simply write down how you feel today, write a review of your favourite game or anything. That's what makes you a blogger. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.