About Me

"Hello and welcome to my website! I hope you have a great time here! Comments, Questions, Sharing are all welcome and highly appreciated!" - Amylou

Raised in Merseyside, England, Amylou is a young female plus sized blogger, who simply started out on Instagram. "When Instagram came out, it was initially about creating a pretty pastel or pink feed. That's something that I was into, and wanted to be a part of, so started there. My pictures weren't amazing, but my followers were growing, and I was loving the connections I was making in the online world." After several years of running that youtube, Amylou ventured into a different aspect of social media, known as blogging. After deleting that account of 10k, she created a new one. One which would be more modern, minimalist, and more her, rather than something she wanted to be, she became herself.

"Creating a blog at the beginning was more about the fun aspect, I saw others having with it. I didn't write much, and just wrote what I thought others would want to read. Then I created my Liverpool Visiting post, after speaking to a bunch of students who were wanting to come here. I realised, that it was something I enjoyed writing about, and decided to stop writing for others, and writing for myself. This website is mine, and if people enjoy it, that's great, but this is for me too".

Likes  and Dislikes ☁ [Currently]

• Nicknames
☼ Amylou
☼ Amy-Lou
☼ Ames
☼ Sunflower
☼ Sunny/ie
☁ Chronical
☁ Amylouise
☁ Amy
☁ A

• Tv Shows: 

☼ Rupaul's Drag Race
☼ Reign
☼ F.R.I.E.N.D.S
☼ Riverdale
☼ Pretty Little Liars
☼ Jane the Virgin
☼ That 70's Show
☼ Scrubs
☼ Crazy Ex Girlfriend

• Movies:

☼  Young Victoria
☼  The Greatest Showman
☼  Clueless
☼  Anything Marvel
☼ Anything Disney
☁  Interstellar

• Hobbies

☼ Writing
☼ Bullet Journalling
☼ Gaming - Playstation 3+4 | 3DS | PC
☼ Dog Walking
☼ Babysitting

• Interests

☼ The colours; Yellow | White | Pastel Pink
☼ Sunflowers
☼ Dogs
☼ Makeup
☼ Stationery
☼ Gaming
☼ Youtubers
☼ Advocating for Chronic Illnesses

•  Pet Peeves

☁ Liars | Two Faced People (unless they're honest about that)
☁ Age-ism | Racism | Sexism
☁ Big Egos
☁ Braggers
☁ People who take gaming SO seriously that they get angry and try to ruin your gaming
☁ Backseat driving
☁ Backseat parenting (for fur babies too)

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